5 Perfect Screen Recorders For Mac

Last updated on January 7th, 2018

Looking for the best screen recorders for Mac? This article will help you with it..

screen recorders for macEver wanted to record your gameplay? Bragging about it to your friends – to show how good you are?

No matter whether you are a YouTuber trying to teach something or a bug hunter attempting to record a software glitch, everyone finds the need for a screen recording software at some point in time.

Don’t get lost in the haystack of millions of software present in the App Store – let us figure out the best screen recorders for Mac!

Note: If you want to record your gameplay often – you should also check out some of the best game recording software.

List Of Best Screen Recorders For Mac

Note: The tools mentioned below are in no particular order.

  1. Apowersoft

    screen recorders for mac - apowersoft

    This is a personal favorite and one of the best screen recording software mac supports.

    The minimalistic UI makes it very easy to use for all kind of users.

    It is a ready to go software that just gets your work done.

    Download it, open it and start record.

    It is as simple as that!

    Apowersoft can record your entire screen or only a selected area of your screen.

    It hides itself in the notification bar for quick access and also allows users to record audio, video utilizing the webcam as well. This feature makes it convenient to make tutorial videos while you explain what is going on your screen

    Well, that is not the end of it, Apowersoft also offers a web-based screen recorder.

    [appbox appstore id1030681467]

  2. Monosnap

    screen recorders for mac - monosnapMonosnap is almost similar to Apowersoft.

    It presents a decent UI. You’ll have to work your way around a bit.

    You get the ability to record video via web cam – which helps you make tutorials easily.

    Monosnap also offers some additional tools for adding annotations – which helps a lot while creating content for YouTube and other platforms.

    [appbox appstore id540348655]

  3. Quicktime

    screen recorders for mac - quicktime

    The stock video player – Quicktime Player – that comes pre-installed with Mac OS X has the ability to capture and record screen.

    You have to look around and fiddle if you want to record everything i.e., screen, video from webcam and audio simultaneously.

    The UI is good enough and easy-to-use.

    Quicktime is a great alternative to all the screen recorder apps for Mac – ruling out any 3rd party screen recorders for mac.

  4. ScreenFlow 7

    screen recorders for mac - screenflowScreenFlow is for those who need “everything professional”.

    It not only records your screen or videos via webcam, but also gives you the full control over the video at any instance.

    You can crop, resize, zoom or pan a single portion of the screen or window.

    It also presents an impressive User Interface to work with.

    You also get to add text, annotations, and cliparts which takes your video making experience and quality of the video to the next level.

    ScreenFlow is a paid product which is pricey, but for a professional – it is worth the money!

    [appbox appstore id1223627207]

  5. Camtasia 3

    screen recorders for mac -camtesia 3Camtasia 3 is not just a simple screen recording software mac has to offer via the App Store, there’s more to it than meets the eye. It is unquestionably one of the best screen recorders for Mac.

    It is a studio in itself. You can record your screen with it and also utilize it to edit videos.

    The professional and multi-track timeline structured layout gives you full control over your video content.

    When it comes to audio, you can either record audio on the go or import an audio file of any format. Camtasia 3 is the only software which helps make interactive videos to keep your viewers engaged while being the tool to facilitate creating the video content as well.

    Camtasia 3 also provides a wide range of visual effects for video editing. The interesting feature being “The Green Screen” which creates a ritual green screen and puts you in the videos to make it look like you are in the action.

    In a nutshell, it could be the best screen recorder for Mac – if you want to spend $200 for that!

    Nothing’s ever free! If you want an all-in-one screen recorder app for Mac – this is it!

    [appbox appstore id1152967781]

Wrapping Up

So, we picked our favorite screen recorders for Mac! Which screen recorder app for Mac do you like? Also, did we miss any of your favorite screen recorders available for Mac?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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