Samsung losing it’s popularity in different countries.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

In earlier days, Samsung used to be no. 1 smartphone maker in India, china and many more different countries. But recently it lost  it’s position in two different countries, India and China. Lets analyse these..

1st: Micromax(Indian smartphone maker) beats Samsung to become the no. 1 smartphone maker in India. According to independent market research and consulting firm, Micromax has put up 16.6% smartphone shares in the 1st quarter, which is 15.2% larger than Samsungs share(14.4%). It’s a great disappointment for Samsung to get off the 1st position in a country where smartphones are one of the basic needs of  life.

2nd: Recently  Xiaomi(Chinese smartphone maker) again beats Samsung to gain the highest position in terms of selling maximum number of smartphones. According to a research firm Canalys, Xiaomi sold 15.1 million smartphones in last quarter. Samsung sales degraded to 15% in last quarter. China no doubt is a smartphone hungry country, so Samsung may suffer a huge loss in China.

Samsung, no doubt, losing it’s popularity and will further lose, if a major mistake is not rectified, which is design. Samsung lovers are bored of the same design. Every smartphone of Samsung has the same design, as if it has taken oath not to prefer another design. Change in design and few useful  innovation can bring Samsung back to its position.


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