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Grand 2 vs T2 Ultra
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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

tech legends
Samsung Grand 2 vs Xperia T2 Ultra

Samsung Grand 2 vs Xperia T2 Ultra

To compare these two Smartphones , we will have go through various aspects of comparisons :

(1) Release Date : [ Not an aspect for comparison ]

The T2 Ultra Dual was launched in January 2014 whereas the Galaxy Grand 2 Duos was launched in Novembor,2013 .
So it is expected that T2 Ultra should give a good competition to Grand 2 ,let’s see….
(2) Dimensions :

Slim in Dimensions
Slim in Dimensions


Thicker dimension
Thicker dimension

Galaxy Grand 2 is more slimmer (which makes it easy to carry along) , whereas Xperia T2 is a bit thick in it’s dimensions which makes it heavy , if minutely analysed .

(3) Battery :

tech legends
Better battery back-up

Galaxy Grand 2 dissapoints by giving only 2600 mAh , whereas T2 Ultra gives 3000 mAh which is a very good specification if we see their respective price.

(4) Non-Removable Battery :
Xperia T2 Ultra doesn’t let users to remove their battery( has it’s advantages and disadvantages too) , which helps provide water resistant feature in a low scale yet helpful and also prevents dust from entering into the battery pack area .

(5) Display :

tech legends
Better display

According to the ” Grand 2 ” the screen doesn’t impress much because Xperia T2 Ultra comes with a 6 inch screen whereas Grand 2 comes with a 5.20 inch screen.
PPI( Pixels Per Inch ) for Xperia is 245 and that of Grand 2 is 280 , from which we get to know that Grand 2 provides
a better quality display experience to users.

(6) Processors :

In the all these above criterias Xperia is dominating and yet it will dominate this time too.
Xperia T2 Ultra is powered with 1.4 Ghz Quad-Core Processors , whereas Grand 2 is powered with 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core processors
,here Grand 2 also stays low .

(7) RAM :

Grand 2( 1.5 GB) offers larger RAM compared to Xperia T2( 1 GB).Grand 2 gives a good amount of RAM which makes 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core processor equal to 1.4 Ghz Quad-Core processor with 1 GB RAM.

(8) Expandable Storage :

Xperia T2 Ultra doesn’t support SDcard greater than 32 GB whereas Grand 2 supports upto 64 GB SDcard.

(9) Sensors :

Both have all common sensors,but Grand 2 includes an Ambient Light sensor.

(10) Camera :

Xperia T2 Ultra sports a 13 MP Rear camera and 1.1 MP Front camera , whereas Grand 2 sports a 8 MP Rear camera and 1.9 MP camera.
(11) Price : [ Major Criteria ]

Grand 2 is available in almost all online shops at 18,450 INR and Xperia T2 Ultra is available for 23,000 INR .


The Finale : [ Samsung Grand 2 vs Xperia T2 Ultra ]

Grand 2 wins in the following aspects :

(2) Dimensions
(5) Display
(7) RAM
(8) Expandable Storage
(9) Sensors

Xperia T2 Ultra wins in the following aspects :

(3) Battery
(4) Non-Removable battery
(6) Processor
(10) Camera


Finally according to the above comparision Galaxy Grand 2 is obviously the best among these two ( according to no. of winning criteria)

This result may vary according to user’s choice of Smartphones whether they want a good camera or a good display .
So we just helped you point out each Smartphone’s plus point , you must be quite intelligent to choose the right one for you.

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