Samsung’s advert about the Galaxy S6 Edge Engineering looks damn Impressive

Well, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is one of its kind. It has already managed to steal the first quarter sales in Europe, but its latest advert video may just boost the S6 Edge promotion from an Engineer’s point of view. This video is completely on the Engineering of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

It shows the impressive parts of build, which can impress anyone who looks at it. We have seen other adverts on YouTube about the S6 series, but this video completely took it to a new level.

The explanation mainly emphasizes on – ” We are digital craftsmen, We are Samsung”. And the next level of Engineering is “Now” with the Galaxy S6 Edge.

And a user will be proud of the video by Samsung, by looking at the overview of it’s Engineering. We know it always impresses a user to know the beautiful engineering of the device he/she owns. On the other side, it attracts more customers too.

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