Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Released: Amazing features, Pre-order dates!

Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy Note 5. It’s even bigger and portable.

What’s New?

Note 5 S Pen

It comes with a whole new design. Well, the design can be referred as simple and clean. Samsung mentioned that it can’t make any compromises for its consumers. So, it considered making the Note 5 bigger and portable.

It comes with an all-new powerful S Pen. It’s more precise and comes with click use method. Just think it of as your real pen. So, in a nutshell, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a real pen!

What’s Interesting?

Note 5 keyboard

It comes with a qwerty keyboard. Confused? It has got the keyboard at the back panel, just snap it off and plug and play! It’s a plug and play keyboard! It’s a perfect companion for your life. What more could you expect?

It also launched the Samsung Pay along with it. The Note 5 will be available in stores on 21st August (U.S and Canada). And, the pre-order starts at 3 PM (EDT) today.



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