LG G3 sales overcomes S5 sales in their respective home town.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

LG’s latest flagship, G3 is currently available only in South Korea. Soon it will be available to 100 more countries this month report says. On the 1st day of availability LG sold 14 thousand units of G3, which is a great beginning for G3. In comparison to G3, Samsung sold Galaxy S5 half the units sold by G3 in the 1st day. Weekly reports says that 25,000-30,000 units are sold per week which is twice as fast as G2. And the interesting fact is weekly sales of G3 is thrice the sales of Galaxy S5. Samsung could sold only 7000 to 8000 units of S5 per week. No doubt G3’s sales will increase than it’s any other rival. G3 is Smarter, Smother, Simpler, Faster, Good-looking, Powerful and many more. G3 is the 1st smartphone to be available worldwide with Quad HD display. It is the 1st smartphone to have laser auto focus. So simplicity is the new smart.

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