Rogue Islands Review: An Impressive Roguelike Experience

Last updated on January 7th, 2018

rogue islandsI’ve been playing a lot of games lately (PUBG being the obvious one) and I must say that I’ve never tried a roguelike game with tile-based graphics (not even Minecraft!) until recently – when I played “Rogue Islands“.

However, considering the fact that I’ve never tried a roguelike tile-based graphics game – it was exciting!

With my entry level GTX 1050, it was no surprise that I got 110 FPS on an average with visual settings maxed out.

If you’ve never played a tile-based graphics game, you probably think of these games having unlpeasant (not so crisp) visuals. But, in reality, it looks darn good! I experienced the same with Rogue Islands.

Rogue Islands is available on Steam for 19.99 USD (or 565 INR). 

In this article, we’ll have a brief review of Rogue Islands.

Rogues Islands: What Is It?

rogue islandsRogue Islands is a fast-paced fantasy FPS shooter with magic and monsters incorporated. It has been developed by Big Fat Alien & Blue Sock Studios while published by Keystone Games. The game implements the procedular level generation concept – making it roguelike – including permadeath for hardcore gamers.

As per the official description of the game, it has been developed by two of the world’s top FPS specialists, Kiaran Ritchie (Bioware) and Jane Whittaker (developer of the multi million selling Alien Vs Predator and Goldeneye N64 iconic FPS games).

With that being said, Will Rogue Islands take the first person shooter to a whole new level of action?

Let’s find out..

The Story?

rogue islandsWell, it is not a story-rich game. So, you’ll want it to have more content – it surely lacks content as of now. It involves a fantasy world of wizardry presented in a pixelated form.

Here, the character you control is a gnome wizard – Motwort. The Great Tree network is gone with the dark spirits invading the world and you will have to restore it by defeating the demons. In a nutshell, a bunch of demonic spirits have taken control. You don’t know what’s going to come next, and you have no way but to try closing every demonic portal to finally encounter the Lords of Torment and end this once and for all!

My Thoughts On The Gameplay

rogue islandsThere’s a neat concept in action here. You need to consume food to regain/sustain your health. If you ignore searching for food, you will eventually starve to death. So, this adds a taste of survival shooter experience to a pixelated game world. You will find lovely fishes under water!

The weapons (magical wands) are simple and fun to use. You can upgrade them to help kill the enemies faster (the more spirit dust you get – that’s the important thing).

The more items (shards and so on) you collect, the faster you can cook spells. And, if you don’t, there’s a challenge waiting for you! The game keeps changing according to your skill level. If you’re very good at it, you will surely observe more challenges!

There’s no way to save your progress (in each island). If you opt to start the game in the “Explorer” mode, you can easily respawn by utilizing the nightmares crafted. If not, crafting a nightmare would be tough!

Also, if you want to experience the extreme stuff, choose the Permadeath mode with no respawining ability. If you die, you start all over again!

Final Verdict: Enjoyable 

Rogue Islands is an impressive game. It definitely lacks content (the story isn’t super exciting).

The background music utilized fits the game world and gives you an amazing experience. For sure, it takes the FPS shooter genre to a whole different level!

The game resembles the tile-based graphics just like Minecraft. But, it isn’t anything similar to Minecraft! It delivers an experience you’ll never forget!

If you want to experience something different and have quality time playing it – this will be one of our recommendations!

                                                Purchase Now On Steam (19.99 USD)

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