Rig O’ Ware v2.0 : What You Need To Know

Last updated on March 16th, 2018

Hola people! After a long time, we are finally back with our signature event for 2k18, “Rig O’ Ware v2.0”! Tech Legends presents you one of the most unique edutainment gaming events in India, sponsored by Gigabyte, Ubisoft, LG and eAshirbad. Wait? eAshirbad? What’s that? Let’s say, it’s a big secret, that shall be revealed on the very same day of the event.

We assume that various thoughts would be hovering in your mind right now. So, cutting to the chase, we shall elaborate all the details in a very simple way, for a better understanding.

Registration Link For The Event: https://goo.gl/forms/Rll02aCDLfEwimOh1

Registration Link For R6 Team India Online Qualifiers: https://goo.gl/forms/zTMfKui48gwnSGFJ3

Event Motive

Rig O’ Ware v2.0, is an edutainment gaming event, that shall be entitled to teach gamers, hardware-enthusiasts and non-gamers, the educational perspective of gaming alongside it’s entertainment aspects and value.

Participants shall be taught the basics of PC building, benefits of GPU Programming and witness the Rainbow Six Siege International Friendly, scheduled between Team India & Team France. Accordingly, there shall be a dedicated slot for exclusive gaming experience for the participants, as well.

Event Venue & Date

Rig O' Ware
Image depicting Campus-6 Front Gate

The event shall be organized on 24th March, at Banquet-Hall, Campus-6, KIIT, Bhubaneswar respectively, and is open to all the gamers, hardware enthusiasts, and non-gamers across India. There are no entry fees. Participants shall be treated with lunch and evening snacks for free of cost.

Event In A Nutshell

Phase 1: PC Building & GPU Programming

rig o' ware

Knowledge Mashup: Participants shall be taught about the basics of PC assembling, with an in-depth knowledge about hardware components powered by AORUS.

Assembling: There shall be a dedicated live-assembly session to make the audience practically familiar about rig assembling. Participants shall be called up randomly to the stage, and assigned with assembling a specific hardware component. Doing so successfully, will render them being rewarded aptly with goodies.

Benchmarking: To test the capabilities of the respective assembled AORUS build, some benchmarking tests shall be performed by running a few games and resource demanding applications.

GPU Programming: The audience shall be provided with an insight to the benefits of GPU Programming with the help of CUDA (A Parallel Programming API by Nvidia). Especially relevant, a basic intro to how technologies like Deep Learning, can be done much more efficiently by salvaging the raw power of an Nvidia GPU with it’s existing APIs and resources, shall also be provided.   

WizWare: The audience shall be flooded with questions based on everything taught to them. Answering those questions correctly, shall make them win some exclusive goodies powered by AORUS and Ubisoft.

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Phase 2: R6 Siege International Friendly (Team India vs. Team France) &  An Exclusive Gaming Experience
Rig O' Ware v2.0

Followed by a lunch break, the designated international friendly scheduled between Team India and Team France shall be conducted respectively. The winning team shall be rewarded aptly. Participants, interested to represent their team against France, have to register separately. The registration links for the event and online qualifiers for Team India have been mentioned further below in the article.

Rig O' Ware v2.0

There would be also exclusive AORUS builds/PCs available at your disposal, to deliver you a high-end gaming experience. Some of the games that would be featured are Assassin’s Creed Origins, The Crew, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Watch Dogs 2 and much more.

How To Register For The Event?

In order to take part in the event you need to register by visiting the following link:

Kindly note that registering doesn’t confirm your participation. You shall get an invite email after we close the registration process.

How To Register For The Team India Online Qualifiers?

The qualification process to represent as Team India, shall be conducted online. In order to register for the same kindly visit this link.  You may choose to register as a team, or if you don’t have one, then you can register as solo. We shall sort out a team for you.

For players residing outside Odisha, free food and accommodation shall be provided by us. You have to take care of the travelling charges on your own.

How To Remain Updated With The Event Happenings?

To be in touch with us and remain in the loop, please follow us on our event page. You shall be updated regularly with exciting stuff and amazing contest alerts.

So, hope after going through this article you have a clear understanding about the event. If you have any queries, then let us know in the comments below, or simply drop an email.

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