Review of System Mechanic ® [ Version 14 ]

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Review of System Mechanic ®

[ Version 14 ]


Fix & Speed Up Your PC Automatically™

  • Patented performance technology
  • Fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes
  • Restores maximum speed, power and stability


You all must have used Advanced System Care and thought of it as the best of it’s kind.
But while reviewing System Mechanic something struck in my mind … what’s that?
It’s actually the whole set of tools & features you don’t get in any software in the same category.

A product of iolo Technologies, System Mechanic is very user friendly and offers you the best care for your PC.

  • Note that this review is only for System Mechanic {STANDARD VERSION} so Pro can be more better




  • Power Sense :This technology helps live boost to dynamically manage the balance when an app is launched .
  • Ultra Performance mode :Boosts app speed by focusing your PC’s processor and memory on that session. Delivers raw, fast and uncompromised power for your big resource demands: playing games, making music, editing videos, graphic design and high demand productivity.
  • Endurance mode :When battery life is top priority. Reduces power consumption and extends  battery life. At a coffee shop, or on the fly, sometimes battery life is a big issue. Endurance Mode switches your PC to basic minimum power usage so your computer can last as long as you do.

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    System Mechanic




You must be wondering, what tools does this software have which makes it different.

Here’s a list of all the tools present in it:

  • Energy BoosterTurns Off unused background programs.
  • CRUDD Remover:  Detects and cleans redundant programs which make your PC fast.
  • Start Up Optimizer: Turns off unwanted start up programs.
  • Designated Drivers : Installs and updates drivers
  • Memory Mechanic : Clears RAM
  • Program Accelerator: Re-align programs on the hard drive to improve loading speed of program.
  • Drive Accelerator: Defragments of hard drive and during boot-time.
  • SSD Accelerator: Maximizes speed for Solid State Drive.
  • AcceleWrite: Optimizes the systems performance in real-time.
  • Registry Compactor: Compresses registry to increase speed of access.
  • Net Booster: Improves speed of Internet by optimizing the settings automatically.


Don’t get Tired Guys there are more tools to be explored shown in the pics below :




You will be offered with all the required tools to take care of your PC. They will come in handy and are also unique in every aspect. In fact by using this software, I tweaked my computer’s performance to 2x times.


Now getting to the main part , don’t think that if you are a not an expert then you can’t handle the user-interface of this wonder software. You can switch to beginner’s mode  in order to be provided with an easy-to-use interface.

System Mechanic also has an option for normal users and that is ALL-IN-ONE TOOL. With just a single click you can witness the power of all the tools.


Umm for the last part you need to really know whether it works or not and what it Optimizes??

Here’s what it Optimizes : [You Can Skip this & move to the download link given at the last if you eagerly want it]


Not just this this time it has something extra see here :

The new version advances in Live boost technology, you can get dynamically delivered performance for your resource hungry apps running on your computer! Here you can also manage your power mode and help the software intelligently balance the performance by your custom settings !

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So don’t just sit there, simply download it at    –

Here’s the ratings at last !

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