5 Reasons Why Marcus Holloway Is A Better Protagonist Than Aiden Pearce

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Hi there gamers! Sorry for all the issues you had to go through with Watch Dogs but you got to admit that it was an interesting concept initially though. But still, some of us are a bit excited for the sequel while most are being rather patient and calculative even though after watching the awesome trailer of WD 2 and its protagonist, Marcus Holloway. To be frank, we respect the utmost patience as well as the decision you’ve made.

Watch Dogs 2 system requirements

So, cutting to the chase, you all are well aware that a protagonist plays a huge role in defining especially the storyline of a game. Well, we always need a cool guy to play with whom we can be in complete sync. Do you think Aiden Pearce was that person? Do you believe that Ubi needed to put up another character instead of him? Was he partly responsible for the negative criticism of Watch_Dogs?

We won’t answer those for you but one thing we can definitely assure that the new guy, Marcus Holloway, is far more cooler and a better character as compared to Aiden. Why? We have enlisted all the factors that might help you realize who is better.


ctos 2.0

First of all try to picture this: Is Aiden Pearce a hacker or a vigilante? If you put some thinking to it, then you can surely say that Aiden’s more like a vigilante. His look and attire never resembled that of a hacker. In simple words, Aiden is a replica of John Reese from Person of Interest. Yeah, that’s also cool in a certain way. But if we take a look at Marcus Holloway, he has this nerdy look as well as a personality that not only indicates that he’s a cool hacker but also a friendly guy.


Marcus Holloway

Aiden prefers to be more covert and doesn’t interact much with general people. He rather has this serious look always. On the other hand, Marcus wants to reach out to more people, be more social and spread the importance of DedSec in a digitally ruled San Francisco. In fact he looks so funky that you would approach him for a friend request which he would gladly accept. But the same thing can’t be assured about Aiden.

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marcus holloway costume

And people say never judge a book by its cover. Hey there people! The rule doesn’t apply here. We need a book that has a good cover too. Because that’s the most important thing that reflects the aura and personality of a character. Aiden’s signature clothing highlights his jacket, mask and hat. That’s it. So, does Marcus take his dressing sense seriously? Yes, because he has to and that’s what defines him.  The round shaped nerdy specs, white shirt wrapped up by an exclusive Dedsec sweater, the DedSec Hat, classy boots and last but not the least, his blue-colored jacket, complete him. Oh! How can we forget the backpack where he keeps his handy tools! And those earphones really look cool on him when he dances along with the music he listens to.


thunder ball watch dogs 2

I hope you remember the melee tool used by Aiden. The foldable hunter-stick was definitely very effective and dangerous. And the way the vigilante used it to beat up his targets looked like a killer. But you’ve got to admit that Marcus’s Thunder Ball is far more flexible, innovative and dangerous. You can even perform better finishing moves with it. Well, that dude created this concept himself by gathering some data from the internet.

#CJ 12.0

Marcus Holloway

Who can forget the legendary GTA protagonist CJ? He was a true leader who mapped Grove Street on the globe. So, how’s he related to Marcus Holloway? Give a closer look, and you might find a lot of similarities between the two characters. CJ would be always ready to sacrifice anything for his Grove Street homies. Well, the same goes for Marcus too, a person who would do anything for his DedSec members and that’s how his comrades follow and respect him. This may be a bit funny but how many followers did Aiden have? Even if he helped a lot of people, did anyone follow him? My dear gaming friends, I leave those questions to you. So, now you can probably imagine how closely Marcus resembles the legendary CJ. However, the only difference is the new WD protagonist is rather an upgraded version of Carl Johnson.

watch_dogs 2

So, are you pleased with all these factors we discussed about Marcus Holloway? Or, do you have more points for us? If so, then please be happy to inform us.

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19 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Marcus Holloway Is A Better Protagonist Than Aiden Pearce”

  1. You can’tcompare the two characters because they have two COMPLETELY different motives. Aiden seems like a vigilante because, in a sense, HE IS. He isn’t hacking to show weakness in the system that’s all Dedsec. Aiden is out for revenge, he wants to find the person who is responsible for his niece’s death and he doesn’t care how he does it. Marcus WANTS to fight oppression, WANTS to show weakness in the system he dresses the way he does because he is supposed to me more vibrant and exciting. Aiden dresses the way he does because he wants to be mysterious and intimidating. So again I’ll say that you can’t compare the two it would be like comparing day and night. Although I did enjoy reading the article and understood where you were coming from

  2. And in your response to your question about what followers Aiden has. He has Clara for a time, Raymond Kenney, Jordi Chin, and Tobias Frewer. Two hackers, a hitman, and a weapons supplier of sorts

  3. Amlan Panigrahi

    Thank you Jackson for your opinion. You’ve presented your points very nicely to justify that the protagonists can’t be compared. In fact, I honestly agree that the dressing sense has been optimized separately to suit the profile of the characters. However, for the potential Aiden possessed, his character was not defined properly by Ubisoft. In the past decade, we’ve seen many silent/covert protagonists out of which Batman, Agent 47, Ezio Auditore, etc. seem legendary without any doubt. The aura and personality they reflect is almost like in another level. The point is, we had an amazing experience reliving those characters in their world. That’s what it means to be a good protagonist. Did Aiden in any way made us feel something similar? The blame goes completely to Ubisoft. Although, we can’t say much about Marcus before the game comes out, the dude looks promising in his own way and perhaps may become the face of WD franchise.

  4. Amlan Panigrahi

    No, I didn’t mean to claim that Aiden didn’t have any followers. You’ve to see the numbers. Yeah, maybe numbers might contradict the covertness of Aiden but I could again give you a good example of Ezio Auditore, who was considered as a mentor for many assassins.

  5. Francis Booth

    I felt the one thing that made Aiden Pierce work in WD 1 was the fact that it really depended on the players mood. I would find that at certain moments I would feel completely in sync with Aiden. Finding moments where I would need to break the baton over people’s heads, or just strolling through the streets of Chicago, Pierce had that unique setup that you felt virtually unstoppable.

    I have tried WD2 and I feel Marcus did bring a new, bright protagonist to the dark distopia felt in the first however I think Aiden had the better fit for it as the plot of both games revolve around the omnipresence of the ctOS with the unprecedented mass surveillance and unethical manipulation of the populous. I feel having a character like Aiden Pierce fits with the theme.

    The introduction of Marcus brought mixed feeling for me. At least with Aiden case he was utilizing the ctOS to help others. He wasn’t looking to destroy it but to remove the people abusing it’s power. Where people like Lucky Quinn, Iraq, Damion, even Blume itself were using it to control people. Where ultimately in the end he had to kill it because Damion had completely corrupted it’s operatIon. His defense to the ctOS is even shown when he declined DedSec’s request for 5 seconds to the system as he knew they would only use the information collected as blackmail to Blume and anyone else who stood in DedSec’s way.
    Marcus comes across as one of those “do it for the lulz” kind of hacker where he doesn’t care. He was falsely accused by the system and because of that enacted his own revenge of deleting his profile. His story ended there, Dedsec only recruited him because he did something close to the level of access only Aiden Pierce had got before the end of WD1. DedSec just wants power.

    Now I should mention that I haven’t finished the story for WD2 so I could be entirely wrong about Marcus’s association with DedSec and the reason why they have him but this is just my theory on the reason Ubisoft removed Pierce.

    Tl:Dr: Aiden’s stance on the ctOS and his vigilantism made his character too rigid to allow for his story to continue past WD1 but his personality fit with the atmosphere. He became a boring character because he didnt change during the storyline. Marcus’s character is open enough to allow for a dynamic character who could change throughout the story.

  6. I just Recently finished the story for WD2 and it’s just about bringing down ctOS 2.0 so that they stop data mining and so that people can have their private information remain private. Marcus was identified as a criminal and he wants to prevent that from happening to others as well as bring down the people responsible and also give people their privacy back which is where the followers system comes into play because those are basically people agreeing with Dedsec saying “We want our privacy back, you’ve shown us you can do it, please do.”

  7. Aiden is more mysterious, because he wants revenge he dresses very discreet.Marcus looks friendly and the person who would become friends with you.So in my opinion I actually like Marcus because he dresses funky and acts cool

  8. Fuck Marcus!! he is the visual of a whole Retarded generation of Pollitically Correct, Aiden Is More of a Noire Guy,THAT IS HIS CHARISMA DAMMIT! He dosent Interact much with the other fucks BUT THATS HOW IT GOTTA BE! The other characters of WD2 were only there to attract this Pathetic generation, Dedsec is a Group Of Manipulated Children that Were kicked from their parents’s house!!! Bunch of Social Justice Warriors With their heads full of Marxism and “anarchy”! They Obey to the system being against the system without. Any Known of that!
    Aiden Pearce Is a Legend That made the whole Dedsecs FEAR HIM!
    “Nerdy and Social”? those are really shitty Points
    Pearce is And will ever be a legend By his Work and his Habilites Against EVERYONE!

  9. i have played this game for more than 7 hours so Judge me behalf of that…. I think they all are having fun… I mean no one looks serious…they are killing people in game for god sakes…..everything seems like a game for Marcus ….i Didn’t like the wd2 character that much…

  10. Comment: About the dressing, I don’t think there’s much point there. Aiden was 39 when Ubisoft released for PS so he would be expected to dress more mature. He’s hatred made him who he is. Marcus is in his early 20 and will be expected to be more social than Aiden, but of between the two of them, first to be detected to be a hacker would be Markus. To think of it, if Marcus is to loss someone he’s close to, I think he would be driven with hate and vengeance.
    About their weapons, I think I’ll stick with the formidable hunter stick. Well, to bring it to real life, I would be more comfortable with it than the thunder ball because it’s way more heavy. But hey, it’s a game, it won’t slow Markus down. that’s all I can say. please respond and correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you for your time.

  11. I still Choose Aiden as the best watchdogs protagonist, I like mysterious style

  12. People tend to hate Connor from Assassin’s Creed 3 and Aiden from Watch_Dogs… yet these were the two protagonists i felt most in sync with.

  13. Never aiden was better he is better and he will always be better and the best game protagonist

  14. Long live to Ezio! And Aiden is a lot better that Marcus. Marcus is the best for the younger people who feel in sync with a character like him.

  15. Shay and Aiden

    Sorry buddies, but Aiden Pearce is the best protagonist of WD, no doubts!!
    He is a real hacker and the dark atmosphere of the game that made him so fucking legendary and i agree with mistercrikey, the DedSec sucks, it is just a pathetic group.

  16. Yea yet the world seems to like vigilantes that arent very social much more than very social nerds cough cough batman vigilante and not very social and superman who is very social and way nerdy.

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