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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

In this article we will discuss the internet connectivity drawbacks in India. As you read on , you will know some shocking facts.


Big Telecom Giants of India like Airtel, Reliance and Aircel are introducing 4G Internet connectivity by enhancing their technologies and improving their reach to people who need a very high speed Internet connectivity.

Why Introduce 4G When You Cannot Provide 3G ? ?

But do these companies really care about improving the internet connectivity conditions in India ? ?
And , that is a huge NO! The telecom companies introduce these level of connectivities to show their superiority in the country.

You must be thinking what rubbish am i telling you , when they have made people happy by providing 4G speed.

The Dark Side of The Mobile Network Providers :

Let us look at the dark side here , 3G is available across all telecom services but what about the areas it covers ? ? In the same city one gets a 3G speed of 7mbps and other gets a speed of 4mbps or sometimes the difference is very huge.

Let me tell you something , if a company has capability to provide 4G services then its 3G services must be perfect everywhere in India. Some times we get to see that even 2G speed too differs in many areas of India.

We talked to many young students to seek personal views about this topic and among those the experience given below was exceptional.

Rajiv(An Aircel User) :
Lives in XYZ location and travels to XYZA place in the same city and enters to his relatives house.
He gets an H+(High Speed Internet) connection at the right side of their house but gets an E(2G) connection when he moves to the left side of the house.

He refuses to tell who that mobile network provider is and wants to be anonymous but he mentioned that the network provider will launch 4G soon in his area .

Figures And Facts

Let us see some statistics from the state of Internet Report by Akamai



Peak Connection Speed(Right Most Column)

Let us know in the comments section below that does a mobile network company has the right to launch 4G when it cannot fulfill 3G services needs ? ? And also comment your views about this topic.

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