Real life portrayal of AC Unity @Paris

Imagine the atmosphere of Assassin’s Creed incorporated in the real world. How would that be? Sounds cool….isn’t it? Well it’s supper time for you gamers as you will be able to witness the gameplay of Assassin’s Creed in reality. A bunch of experts have managed to pull of an AC Unity act in Paris. As you have seen in the official trailer featuring four ruthless assassins, you will witness the same in the footage below. So, four assassins with heroic outfits attempt to take action against two French guards, who are discovered harassing the public. Climbing walls, jumping from rooftops and hovering against obstacles, this assassin team manages to portray the AC universe as the assassins are in pursuit of the guards.

Just three more months and we are gonna get our hands on this beautiful game. Till then enjoy watching the video.


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