Here Are The Two New Rainbow 6 Siege Operators

Prior to the release of Operation Black Ice, Ubisoft announced that Rainbow 6 Siege will be getting four DLC’s (Downloadable Contents) in the upcoming quarters of 2016. And in the first quarter (Q1), Operation Black Ice was released with a new map and two new Canadian Operators FROST (Attack) and BUCK(Defense). Now the second quarter is close and the gamers are eager to know about the upcoming Rainbow 6 Siege operators in the second DLC.

Talking about the upcoming DLC for the game, it is scheduled to be released in the month of April-2016 and the upcoming operators will be US based CTU (Counter-Terrorist units) operators. So, what those two characters would be? Delta Force? Because as far as the Rainbow Six Siege is concerned, it’s all about counter-terrorism task forces. Therefore, when it comes to a US based CTU operator in the game, no doubt the first choice would be US Delta Forces.

The Attacker:

Later in January 2016, when the promotional video of Operation Black Ice was released, two US operators were also leaked in the footage. And the weird thing is the female US operator looks far more different than any other previous operators in the game. The male operator is having a serious beard, but based on the low-resolution image, it was hard to tell much about the operator. But recently, Ubisoft released a promotional video, a couple of days ago showing the firefight between different operators. And the best part is, if you’ll slow down the video and go frame by frame you will get a good look at our serious-beard-operator who is standing besides ‘Ash’ (Attack).
deployable shield

So, it is confirmed that the operator will be an Attacker. Look closer and you will find out, he is not wearing any heavy armor. So, it’s obvious that Mr. Beard will be mid-speed and mid-armored.  Now, what is the special ability of the character in the game? Well, if you observe minutely, you’ll see some sort of black material attached to the weapon barrel. Things are going to be a little excited now, because that is a barrel deployable shield attachment which would definitely be fun to play with. Why?? Because the operators who are bearing a light tactile shield like Blitz, Fuze and Montagne, they get pistol as the primary weapon along with the shield. And the interesting thing is, our Mr. Anonymous Beard, will get the advantage of tactile shield without sacrificing his primary to pistol. However, the barrel deployable shield seems to cover the limbs only. So, next when you face Mr. Beard, shoot his legs to get rid off him. But if he’s crouching then put your tail between your legs and hide because if you come in his LOS (line of sight) he’ll kill you brutally. So, here are some key-features of the New Attack operator that you’ll see in April-2016.

Mr. Beard Description:

  • Armor: Medium
  • Speed: Medium
  • Primary Weapon: Modified version of M4
  • Secondary Weapon: To be announced
  • General Gadget: Any of the two from Stun Grenade, Frag Grenade and Breach Charge
  • Special Gadget: Deployable Barrel Tactile Shield

The Defender:

Now talking about the defense version of the Upcoming Rainbow 6 Siege DLC, you’ll find in the picture that she’s wearing a sleeveless uniform and looks the most muscular character among all the female operators. Well, she is not wearing any considerable armor, hence she will be faster and light-armored. As of now, her entire loadout is not known but it is rumored that she will be having a Deployable Camera. Why? Look at her bare arms, she’s wearing a screen strap to her left arm just like Twitch in the Attack operators. So, what that could possibly be? Well, it’s not that hard to guess that she’ll carry some sort of camera deployment system. And this special feature of the character will be a game changer. Why?Well, with the very beginning of a round the Attack team takes out all the cameras which are located at specific locations in the entire map. Hence, it seems hard to predict the entry point of the Attackers. Now think of this, if a unit in the defense team can stick around few cameras at some random positions, the whereabouts of the opposition units can be exposed giving the defense team an addition advantage. Now coming to her name. Well, she looks pretty bad ass let us call her Miss Bad-Ass. Time to take an overview what our new defense operator would be like:

deployable cameras

Miss Bad-Ass Description:

  • Armor: Low
  • Speed: High
  • Primary Weapon: To be announced
  • Secondary Weapon: To be announced
  • General Gadget: Any one from Nitro-Cell, Shock Wire or Deployable Shield
  • Special Gadget: Deployable Camera

That was all about the upcoming US based CTU operators this April. We are eager to see the new operators in the multiplayer mode. However, those having the Season Pass will definitely get the early access to the new characters. It’s just a matter of few weeks before we can get hands on the upcoming DLC.

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