Quick Heal Antivirus Total Security 2014 [ Insights ]

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Here’s a detailed insight of Quick Heal Total Security , which can help you to change your current antivirus to Quick Heal.

Tools which help you a lot:

quick heal tech legends

Eye-catching Feature :

Quick Heal Total Security 2014 is just not loaded with these basic yet powerful tools the main part of it to be working 100 % is because of the DNA scan feature. This feature assures you that Quick Heal never misses a new virus even if your virus database is a bit old.

You can browse any website if you have this antivirus :

It has a secure browser feature which puts a Green Box around your browser which saves you from every malicious websites or other potentially dangerous websites.

Your Antivirus settings is only yours !

It provides a password protection feature which prevents any strange change in settings of your antivirus.

The Best in the House:

The Anti-Malware scans for potentially dangerous applications on your computer.
You should remove all the applications which the Anti-Malware detects , keep those which you really trust.


You a Gaming Freak ? ?

Don’t worry Quick Heal got you covered while you play games . It has a silent mode which protects you constantly without disturbing you.

quick heal tech legends

Worried about getting your computer slower ?
You don’t need any additional software to Tune Up your PC like Software Mechanic , Advanced System Care etc.
Because Quick Heal PC Tuner 3.0 does everything which a premium Tune Up app does :


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Support you get from Quick Heal Technologies :

There is nothing to worry about if you face any kinda problem because support is just few seconds away from you – Quick Heal provides you Remote Support which you have to enable from the menu :

Not just remote if you have any suspicious file which needs to be thought about then Quick Heal let’s you send the file to Quick Heal Lab which notifies you if the file is Dangerous.

So you get all this in Quick Heal ! If you have a different Anti-Virus then just change it now !

2 thoughts on “Quick Heal Antivirus Total Security 2014 [ Insights ]”

  1. If I have to pay, I would trust systems like Kaspersky / ESET / BitDiffender !!! Certainly not this one..

    Its better to stay with Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essential over this Quick Heal !!

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