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"Time is power"
“Time is power”

Quantum Break is an upcoming story driven, action-adventure and third person shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment. Published by Microsoft Studios, the game will be released exclusively on Xbox One. No release date has been confirmed yet for the game  but the developer has targeted to release the game this year.


Due to an accident caused by a time-travel experiment at the Riverport University, the time starts breaking down in the city of Riverport. But at the same time Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder and Paul Serene are gifted with the ability to manipulate time due to the experimental mishap. The future of the city now lies in the hands of these three main characters.


Remedy has implemented revolutionary techniques to enhance graphical experience for players in the game. All the characters of the game will express detailed facial expressions like wrinkles, movement of the eye-lid, emotions, etc. exhibiting the actions of a live human being.

As the game is completely action-oriented, Remedy has done a great deal of job in simulating the destructions that occur within the game like expressing little specks of dust in a massive scale associated with the effect of a time break, thus affecting the whole environment accordingly.

According to Remedy’s Creative Director, Sam Lake, “A modern blockbuster-movie can show you a huge scene of destruction with all its glorious details.Now, in Quantum-Break we can do better. We can transport you into a moment like that.”


The game incorporates a cinematic experience with the action-sequences associated with the gameplay. In other words, Remedy has made an attempt to combine the thrilling gameplay experience with a TV show, titled with the same name as that of the game. According to Remedy’s Creative Director, Sam Lake.” How you play the game impacts the show and the show informs how you play the game”. As the time is directly affected, momentary destructions lead to thrilling action-sequences heavily influenced due to instantaneous time. Common features like cover-based mechanics are present in the game.

Players will be able to control the two protagonists, Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder from a third-person perspective having the power to manipulate time, e.g. Jack has the ability to freeze time along with the power to remove objects and people from the freezed state. The storyline of the game is directly affected by the decisions and actions made by the players within the game.




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