Review Of Privacy Wizard For Android: An Applock With Premium Features For FREE

Last updated on October 8th, 2017

Hello, readers, Are you concerned about your privacy? If yes, then most probably you must be using an app lock to secure your apps and keep the information safe from prying eyes. And, gradually you must be encountering that a lot of apps offer creative app locking features but as a paid option (premium features). Mostly, the premium features include the advanced features which intelligently fools anyone except the one using the app. But, recently I came across an app – “Magic Applock | Privacy Wizard”, that’s the exact name you’ll find on the Play Store. However, it’s simply known as Privacy Wizard.

So, we’re going to review the app to know how good it works and what can be suggested to the developers for improvement.

Key Features

  • Lock as many as apps as possible (We tried locking 60 apps installed)
  • 5 methods to lock any app (Read on to know more about it)
  • All features for FREE

So, the app package size is of 5.5 MB. And, after installing the service it consumed around 14 MB of RAM. And, it runs constantly in the background (no significant battery draining issues found).

It offers various methods to secure your app and fool the one who tried to access your app without your consent. Privacy Wizard mentions the methods as “covers“, which doesn’t make it look like an app lock but as if it’s secured by a high-tech security service or something just went wrong.

5 Covers Available To Use

  • Unknown Number Caller ID – This feature when enabled to secure an app adds a practical layer of security by calling you back (not really), but shows the calling screen as if someone has really called you up at the time of opening the app. You know that this is a fake call screen, but the spy doesn’t necessarily know. Even if he/she figures out that there’s something wrong with this calling screen he/she still doesn’t know how to bypass the screen to access the app (only you know). You’ll get to know the method to access an app when you enable these covers (usually through a demo).

privacy wizard

  • Fingerprint Scanner – This cover enables a fake fingerprint scanner which works with ease and protect you with high-tech service. Well, its hard to bypass if someone doesn’t know the how-to for this, but if he/she observes that you don’t have a fingerprint sensor on your device then he/she will be sure that it’s something for securing the app. It works great!

fingerprint scanner

  • Error Message – This method makes up a situation as if the application stopped working and an error occurred.error message



  • Voice Unlock – A fake voice unlocking screen which goes red while you speak (to let others know that it’s a real voice locking system enabled).
  • Basic Pass code System – Its the default unlocking system which directly asks for the pass code you’ve set to unlock an app.

Although, I feel it misses one of the interesting “intruder alert” systems where the app would capture pictures of the person who tries to unlock an app exceeding a minimum number of trials.


    • The Pros

1. FREE features

2. Security Level = High

3. Great User Interface (Clean & Intuitive)

4. Creative and Working Covers for Protection


  • The Cons

 1. Privacy Level is not that good because when we tried to look at the recent apps running in  the background, Privacy Wizard fails to hide them and prevent them from running in the  background. However, the app can’t be accessed but the information on the front page is  still visible. Here’s the screenshot for better understanding of the point:

privacy wizard
Settings app is locked but still can be seen in the running tasks / © Techlegends

 2. Unknown Number Caller Screen needs to be improved. I found that this method is sometimes unresponsive. In other words, it needs too much of precision to unlock an app through this method.

Check out the overall rating just below!

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