Here’s how to Prevent Unintended changes on your Windows PC ?

Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

In today’s world, everyone wants their PC to stay clean. Clean, in the sense, to stay away from viruses, malware, and some notorious adware. If your PC is affected with any of these, then it will lead to drastic changes in your system. Sometimes the changes are minor, and when the table turns to go wild your system may become unusable at times.

So, in this article you will find the how-to guide (windows tips), by which you can prevent unintended changes on your PC running on Windows platform.

Keep A Good “ Security “ solution installed on your PC

The best solution to keep your computer away from malware, adware and viruses is to get an Antivirus installed.
Well, here one question would pop into your mind. And that is – “Which one should you opt for? A free one, or a paid one”. I would suggest going for the paid one of any Security pack. And, never think about the money while buying the best AntiVirus suitable for your use, because it’s worth the money spent.

I would suggest the best for you according various expert reviews and user opinions.

BitDefender AntiVirus Plus 1PC / 1 Year – 2015  ( Click on the link to buy )

Employ A Watch Dog service on your PC

If you are a gamer, then you must be knowing about the Watch_Dogs game. Aiden Pearce, on the game, has the ability to keep a watch on the people through his gadgets. It’s something similar to it, which you need on your PC to prevent unauthorized changes to your system.

You can achieve this by installing a software, which monitors every change done on your system and blocks it when necessary and finally notifies you of the situation.

There are various software’s for the job. But, according to what I use, System Guard worked real great on my system. System Guard is a service offered by the System Mechanic software. This service blocks all types of unauthorized changes to the system and notifies you about the situation.

system guard

Furthermore, installing System Mechanic will help your system performance too. Check out the System Mechanic’s review here.

Backup your Registry on a regular basis

The registry contains all the information related to the configurations in hardware as well as software. So, before installing a large application, or before performing a registry editing manually for any purpose, you must have the backup with you to revert the changes. So, it is an important task. If you have a system registry backup, then you will be able to revert any unintended change in system’s configurations.

Adopt the habit of reading “License Agreements

clean master for PC

Sometimes you encounter adware affecting your system and makes your internet browsing experience the worst. But is it something you wanted on your computer? If not, then why did you allow it to affect your system. Yes! the adware was authorized to affect the computer by yourself.

Whenever you install a software, you can proceed with the installation by accepting the license agreement or you also may call it as terms & conditions. If you decline them, then the software doesn’t get installed on your system. Always scroll down the license agreement and read it carefully before you install something. Here’s a screenshot for better understanding:

Okay! You read that, but how should I know that the software has adware in it? Well, it’s simple. While you read on, you will find a 3rd Party Advertisements mentioned there. That’s the sign of Adware.

Watch out for Additional Installations!

When you normally download some files using 3rd Party downloaders or installers, you may find some additional installation options that would be checked by default.

Like, if you downloaded XYZ.exe using an installer. It will ask you one or more license agreements. Always decline them if you don’t want to install that software along with your desired file. Declining won’t stop the installation, but will save unintended software which you didn’t plan to install. So, I will suggest you to keep calm and read carefully the on-screen instructions while downloading or installing any application.

A few minutes of attention will buy you more time for your desired task, rather than searching for a solution to remove the specific malware, adware, and viruses.

In the screenshot below you will observe an unwanted toolbar installation offer when you try to install Open office suite. So, make sure you declined it.

Hope that helps you! If you have some suggestions on the article or want to express your thoughts about it, feel free to comment in the comments section below.

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