Pinpoint [Review]: An Interactive Quizzing App

Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

How often do you travel? How good is your Geography? Want to test your skills? Then Pinpoint by Foundbite is the right app for you. But what is this application about? What’s so interesting about it?

Before knowing about Pinpoint, you should know about an app called Foundbite. The latter that we just mentioned, is a social media application by the help of which you get to capture authentic moments while you are in a vacation enjoying in an exotic place. You have to click some images of a place and also record a small audio clip of what’s happening around: noise of city streets, people, children having fun, sounds of the nature, etc. Now this audio clip gets integrated to your image/images. This combination is called a “Foundbite”.


“Foundbites” can be shared among people, in other social networking sites like Facebook. So, overall now you have an idea about how social and interactive this app can be. Don’t worry, I’ll write a separate review on this app. But for now, let’s shift our focus to Pinpoint. You can call this an interactive quizzing app that tests your geographical skills.

Now, how does it work? The app uses the “foundbites” we were just talking about. You get five questions, which means five foundbites. The images and the audio clips act as clues to identifying the location of a particular place. After you have made your guess, you need to select your location on the world map….definitely you have to zoom though. After selecting, you get a score on the basis of how far the exact place is from your marked location. You also get to see the distance between those two locations. To be frank, I tried hard to get the ‘0 km’ distance but it never happened. Damn!! This is so difficult.

After the completion of all the five rounds, the total score gets displayed along with a title. If your score is less than 10k then you will be named as “Couch Potato” and if it’s more than that you will be called as “Globe Trotter”. According to Mr. Indraneel Lahiri, a Cinematographer based in Bhubaneswar, India, “I like this app very much. It’s fun to use and also very interactive but they could have added more hints as it gets difficult and confusing to identify the locations.”

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From my personal point of view, I am in love with this application as I have some interest for Geography. This app can give users a glimpse of exotic places in the world from a different perspective which you can call unique. When engaged into playing this game you will be tempted to travel around the world, so that you can enjoy the feel of different kinds of atmosphere and gain some experience that you have never witnessed before.

Pinpoint is an exclusive Windows Phone app. So, if you are having a Windows device then without wasting any time, download this app from here.

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