Photomath for Android: Now Just Click a Photo to Solve Maths on Your Smartphone

Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

Having trouble solving Maths equation, try “Photomath“. It will give you step by step solution to the problem.

Just point your smartphone camera at the maths equation, and it will give you the solution while showing all the steps to solve that particular equation. The app was a grand hit on App Store (iOS-platform), now following its huge success on iOS and Windows-Phone, the app was recently made available for Android devices.

Overall, the UI and design is impressive. Although, couple of apps are already there that do the same, but you need to type the problem/equation manually, which is a tedious process. But now with PhotoMath, you focus your camera on the problem & shoot and you’re done.

The app has now got some serious updates like, now it supports quadratic equations, inequalities and more. The app gives solutions quickly and the solution screen has been renovated as well.


The secret of this app is the beauty of text recognition technology. The company worked a lot on speed of recognition and the accuracy of the scanned text. This app has got a marvelous real-time text recognition engine, so that scanning equations will take few seconds. Apart from speedy recognition, the app shows an accurate solution to the problem in real time with step-by-step analysis.

While this app was first launched on iOS, it accumulated 11 million downloads. In the month of January alone, this app had solved 8 million mathematical problems. And now the app is also available on Android platform. Yeah! I forgot to tell Photomath app has got premium features but still you don’t have to pay a buck to use it, it’s free.

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