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Last updated on August 18th, 2017


In the present mobile phone market, smartphones and tablets are the popular devices in terms of it’s sale or it’s usability. But now it looks like that “Phablets“, which became more popular last year are getting into the race to replace the age of tablets. And again we present you a report by considering Statista – the wonder company which gives the best and accurate statistics.

Infographic: Phablets See Jump in Popularity This Holiday Season | Statista

Also smartphones and tablets have been among the most popular Christmas gifts around the world. As per Flurry’s information, Apple is the huge victor this Christmas season. Not just was the iPhone 6 the absolute most well known gadget under the Christmas tree, however Apple gadgets represented 51% of all new gadget enactments between December 19 and 25. The iPhone 6+, Apple’s first wander into the phablet business sector, was likewise among the Top 5 gadgets and helped the bounce in ubiquity that phablets saw for the current year.

Phablets represented 13 percent of new gadget enactments this Christmas season, up from 4 percent amid the same period in 2013. The phablet’s surge in fame appears to take a swing at to the detriment of tablets, which saw their offer of gadget actuation’s crash from 17 percent in 2013 to only 11 percent in 2014. As cell ubiquity phones are getting to be bigger and all the more influential, tablet merchants are having more issues to persuade purchasers of the included quality a tablet can give.

With these information, will it be justified to say that iPhone 6 series made the phablets craze possible ? Yes, we may definitely say that.

Let us know in the comments section below what do you think ? ? Do you think Phablets can replace Tablets?


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