oppo bezel free

Do you realize what will a smartphone look like, when there is no bezel present in it ? For some users it may be horrible. Well, the majority of the users feel clean enough and get the maximum display size possible from the manufacturer’s end on a specific model. In this article, we will discuss about the Oppo’s secret behind the bezel-free device and also know some disadvantages of having a bezel-free experience.

oppo bezel free


How’s it even possible to make a bezel-free smartphone ?

Technology, always improves. Sometimes, it’s a good improvement and sometimes its worthless. According to various sources, the bezel-free look is achieved by hiding the normal screen under a special transparent panel, which makes us think that the screen has no bezel in it. The image of the original screen is projected on the panel which makes us the ultimate fool to have a actual bezel-free experience.


What will be the benefit of having a Complete bezel-free smartphone?

For a smartphone, it doesn’t have a reason not to have a bezel present in it. There’s the one thing which being bezel-free benefits, the screen size gets big and also feels awesome to dream about that phone in your hand. Sound’s awesome? Isn’t it? When we talk about a bezel-free experience for the first time. So, overall there is no benefit of having a bezel-free smartphone.

Will it help anyway ? Absolutely not ! Well, a smartphone always needs a bezel. If it isn’t there, then you will face numerous drawbacks in your experience of using the smartphone. You must be thinking that the transparent panel may save your screen. But the transparent bezel isn’t strong enough like the original one.

oppo bezel free

Disadvantages of having a Bezel-free Smartphone 

Well, the Chinese manufacturer Oppo has applied brains to a great extent by providing a bezel-free experience while having bezel present in it. We would not say completely that it won’t save your phone’s screen, but it might hamper your experience which you expect to be awesome.

Here’s what you should know. First thing is that the material used may not be strong enough to protect your screen from accidental bumps and impacts. Second comes the “crack-loop” a term used here specially. If your phone encounters with a real hard impact and the edge of the screen gets a crack, how would it look in both the cases?

When you would have a opaque bezel present, you might be relieved to see that the only part which holds the bezel has got a crack in it. And also, the screen remains protected as it is. But if you use a phone, let’s say the upcoming Oppo smartphone, you may feel that your screen has got a crack in it. And if the hidden screen also gets affected, it might completely affect the rest of the display.

And to be honest, it is awesome to experience it, but not beautiful!  Have you ever noticed any professional piece of art ? To be frank, when it is displayed in an art exhibition it looks better with a frame. So, is the case with having a bezel. When an opaque bezel is present, the user can distinguish between the screen and the background. But if we have a bezel-free experience our brain will find it difficult to grasp the difference between the screen and the background. It is a theory after all. We should wait for the reviews of the users who get the first hands-on experience.

You may notice the above mentioned fact in the picture given below : ( Just For Imagination, *this device doesn’t exist )

bezel free

There’s another interesting thing. When you hold a device with a bezel, then you would feel comfortable while holding it because the edge of your thumb rests on the bezel which doesn’t disturb you when you watch the screen. But with a bezel-free experience, the thumb’s edge will interrupt your visibility of the screen. 

Oppo may have made the next big thing in the smartphone evolution but it may suffer these opinions and drawbacks in it’s device. On the other side people don’t care about the disadvantages, they just want an experience of the device being different. So, there are more disadvantages of having a bezel-free device rather than getting benefited. Let’s see what you think :

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