OnePlus Two release date confirmed?

Last Updated On: September 30th, 2014

“With an unbeatable price and power to spare, this is an Android revelation that challenges expectations for affordable smartphones”- PC Mag

“Its flaws are small things, details that fail by matters of degrees rather than huge margins, and for a smartphone that costs less than half of many of its competitors, that’s nothing short of amazing”- TechCrunch

“With the performance aspect, the above average camera quality, and Cyanogen in its corner, the price you pay for such a powerful package seems way too good to be true”- Android Authority

Can you guess what these above comments are about? No? Well these are opinions and views regarding the revolutionary OnePlus One smartphone released this year from top-notch news and media websites. OnePlus One  with a reasonable price range, that can never ever compromise it’s quality over quantity, is one among the few under-dog phones that can provide a tough challenge to the popular companies in the smartphone market. The professional debut of this phone is expected to be a huge success. It is yet to be commercially available in most of the countries. The poly-carbonated body with cyanogen mod, a flexible as well as customisable UI…..if you hold a phone like this you will exactly feel like possessing a royal phone.


OnePlus One comparision
OnePlus One comparision

But what’s more to know?

One Plus has already confirmed to release a sequel called OnePlus Two by Q2 or Q3 next year. According to the company,”OnePlus 2 should be out in Q2 or Q3 of 2015. By that time, we think Android L would be standard. We’ve seen a lot of people asking for a smaller device, and want to let everyone know that we hear you. We’re thinking about it.”

For more info regarding this phone you may refer this article-“ONEPLUS ONE, A SMARTPHONE ONE CAN BUY IN PLACE OF S5 AND M8“. Hope, you are craving to buy this phone.

A snap taken by OnePlus One
A snap taken by OnePlus One

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