Nvidia seems to be all geared up for the upcoming event, i.e. Taiwan Computex 2015, with its new flagship card on the hook- GTX 980 Ti. The company claims that the card can be used to run almost every game out there at 4K resolution and keep frame rates usually over 30 fps. The gaming giant further claimed that the card can offer triple the performance of GTX 680 while gaming in 4K.

The flagship card comes with 6 GB of video memory powered by the GM200 GPU. The comapny also revealed a few benchmarks for games like Witcher 3 running at 45 fps while GTA V capped at 61 fps.

According to Nvidia, “The GTX 980 Ti also features support for Microsoft’s next-generation DirectX 12 graphics application programming interface. We’ve supercharged all our GTX 900-series Maxwell GPUs with DX12 features that unlock the full promise of the new API. All Maxwell GPUs support DX12, including support for conservative raster and volume tiled resources. This means developers can do more with their games on Maxwell than on any other GPU.”

The company will be also revealing a couple of new 4K ASUS and Acer monitors with its G-sync technology incorporated that enables almost negligible screen-tearing, and hence, will soon be making it’s way to monstrous gaming laptops as well. 980 Ti will be priced at $649. Buying the card will enable you to avail a free copy of Batman: Arkham Knight that will be released in June 23. Some of you might be delighted to hear that the GTX 980 will know cost you 50 bucks less, as the price of the card has now been slid down to $500.

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You may check out the GTX 980 Ti announcement video below:


  1. Not a complete 4K card though.Very poor 4K performance in most of the present games.But nevertheless a very good single card.Just have to wait for the RED team for their Fury X launching on June 16.One of these will be the card for my rig.Retailing in India at 59,999 INR, pockets have to run very deep.

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