Nvidia: GTX 960 Press Image Revealed – Three new cards coming up later this month

Last updated on January 20th, 2015

Previously, we discussed about the rumors of the upcoming gfx card by Nvidia- GTX 960. If you missed it then you may refer this link: Nvidia to launch GTX 960 by January 2015?

Some additional info and press images of the card were revealed just recently. Nvidia plans to release three new cards later this month: GTX 960, GTX 960 Ti and GTX 965 Ti. Though the 965M has already been showcased by the company at CES 2015, we do not have any significant info related to 965 Ti. And don’t worry, we’ll be covering another topic related to 965M, exclusively.

Image source: videocardz.com


Above is an image of the card- GTX 960. The MSI version of the card, powered by Nvidia may not look that impressive but can provide a monstous performance if we consider a mid-range GPU comparision. As of now, it has been reported that the card will have three variants on the basis of color- red, green and white.

2015-01-11 11_15_55-NVIDIA Corporation Could Deal AMD Another Blow This Month (NVDA)

The above image has been taken from kiitguru.net . Both GTX 960 Ti and GTX 965 Ti, perform a tad better than the AMD R9 280X, and are expected to be priced around $250. While, the GTX 960 provides a bit better performance as compared to its predecessor, GTX 760. As discussed in the previous article, 960 is predicted to bear a price tag of $200.


AMD is really in trouble right now, as it looks like the mid-range GPU market will be ruled by Nvidia this year. In terms of power and energy efficiency, Nvidia has been better than the former most of the times but at present, AMD dominates the mid-range market. Nvidia has the potential to change the tides with its three new cards, provided AMD doesn’t have plans to release new mid-range cards later this year.

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