We gamers especially become frustrated upgrading our hardware year after year to enjoy hardcore gaming. In fact the console gamers too suffer when their device becomes obsolete within 3-4 years. Cheer up Gamers!!! It’s time to rejoice as Nvidia just recently announced the launch of it’s GRID service along with the Shield Console, at GDC 2015. So, what is Nvidia GRID? What is this Shield console by Nvidia? What’s so amazing about them? Don’t worry as your questions will be answered one by one.

You have probably heard about services like NetFlix that offer online streaming of movies, shows, etc. But have you heard anything about online game streaming service? No? Nvidia GRID was in beta up until now and the company has plans to make it commercial by May this year. GRID is a cloud platform service by Nvidia that lets you enjoy hardcore gaming with just a high-speed broadband connection and nothing else. You will be able to stream and play high quality games in just the push of a button without even worrying about upgrading your rig.

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So, how is this made possible? Nvidia has placed data-centres everywhere across the world that consist of multiple game servers within them. These servers have high quality GPU’s incorporated that can deliver high performance and support a large number of users to access their power online! In other words you will almost feel like accessing a gaming supercomputer located a few steps away from you. With GRID you can enjoy 720p gaming @30 fps whereas GRID Plus lets you witness 1080p gaming at 60 frames per second. You just need to purchase a game from the GRID Store, that has more than 50 PC games at present, and just play it instantly on the push of a button.

But according to Nvidia, GRID will be limited to SHIELD owners only. The company did not reveal any plans to launch the service for PC users. This time, SHIELD is an Android TV enabled console powered by Tegra X1, that has a price tag of $200. It has a futuristic and sleek design. You will almost feel like owning a gaming monster.


According to Nvidia, “The result is more than the sum of its parts. Gamers won’t have to deal with downloads, patches, reboots and other computer maintenance. And developers can take advantage of the latest GPU hardware to deliver amazing gaming experiences.”

This technology by Nvidia looks cool and revolutionary but you we can’t say anything for now until it gets launched. Stay tuned!

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