Nvidia Geforce GTX 950 and Discrete GPU Market

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Tight budget? Want to upgrade to PC but worried about price-performance ratio? Say BYE BYE to your console because your savior has reached the market! YES folks the GTX 950 is here to give the ultimate 60FPS experience on a very little penny. Priced at $150, probabely the lowest starting priced NV card to hit the market is now available at your nearest shops. Now your $700 PC can deliver a beastly performance and people won’t call it a waste over console!

Earlier this week GPU Giant Nvidia released it’s latest card on the market. The Maxwell-based card is pretty much a little brother of the 960 variant. It has the same core GM206 as 960 has. The card is equipped with 768 CUDA cores, 32 ROPs and 64 Texture Units whereas clocked at 1024/1188 MHz. The memory bandwidth is 107 GB/s with a bitrate of 128. The card comes with 2 GB memory. Apparently there is no 4 GB variant for now. Obviously 950 supports NV technologies like G-Sync, GameWorks, MFAA, VisualFX, PhysX, OptiX, FleX and the gpu chip is highly overclockable. Also the gpu is equipped with a new video engine in there as well that supports native HEVC/H.265 decoding and encoding at the hardware level. The result is 4K playback at a smooth 60 FPS.


Geforce GTX 950 is unbelievably a silent card. Even on high load the card won’t produce more than 35dB of sound. But that differs from vendors build design. It’s max TDP is 90W and requires minimum 350W PSU but most probably you won’t need a branded PSU. Nvidia has given it a temperature range of 95° Celsius so anything around 80 is good!

The card got over 5800 points on 3D Mark Fire Strike. The game performance is also noticable in a great extent. Have a look at the benchmarking and the frame rates yourself.



With this card, Nvidia is likely to consume the market of low end PC gamers. I mean the budget gamers always went for AMD cards because of their price-performance ratio but now I don’t think many of them are gonna stick to AMD anymore. For an Nvidia card of such a reasonable price tag, Nvidia will dominate the GPU arena of all classes. If you look at the chart below it clearly shows in the last few years, AMD had 36% Desktop GPU market but now it has fallen down to 18%. AMD needs to do something about it when they still can. Although, I don’t thinK the Fury cards didn’t create much hype as I expected. Whatever it may be I would still like some AMD vs Nvidia war otherwise it’s no fun!


Well GTX 950 is bang for buck. That’s all I can say for now! Stay tuned for more!


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