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Now a days smartphones have different models with different specifications. But Samsung tried something new this time. Samsung is planning to release Note 4 with two different models having different displays. One with a curved display and other with a flat display. Samsung wasn’t successful attracting media through it’s first curved smartphone called Galaxy Round. Although Round was a high end spec smartphone, but due it’ side to side curvature, it wasn’t that famous.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for Note 4 with real high end specs that could out stand the phablet competition against LG’s G Pro and G Flex series. Lets look at the specs that everyone could expect to have in note 4….

  • 5.8/6 inch Quad HD Display.
  • Finger print scanner.
  • Water and Dust proof.
  • Wireless charging.
  • More and Better sensors.
  • Improved 16 or more MP Camera.
  • Better screen to phone ratio.
  • 3/4 GB of RAM.
  • 128 GB of ROM.
  • LED notifier.
  • New design and UI.
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