Nokia Lumia 730 vs Moto G (2nd Gen.):The Mid-Range Clash!!

In almost all the countries,Smartphones have become a part of the daily life. In North American or European Countries , Smartphone usage is tolled to be 97%. In India about 82% of the population use smartphones. Unlike in the Western Countries who prefer high end smartphones for better contentment and satisfaction. However in India, most of the people prefer low or mid end smartphones.

Talking about mid range,with the release of Moto G in 2013, there was a high sale in countries like India. Many people switched from Samsung and bought this. With the release of Moto G this year,similar conditions are expected.However with the announcement of Lumia 730 ,a lot of public were attracted.So here is a quick specs comparison between the two phones:





Both of the phones have similar specifications relating to performance. However as Windows OS takes less system memory than the Android OS,so Lumia 730 would have a little faster interface than Moto G.


The design of 730 is almost same as the other Lumia Phones.Moto G(2nd Gen.) also has almost the same design as Moto G(1st Gen.).However the Display of Lumia 730 outcasts Moto G.Though Moto G has bigger screen size,but Lumia has higher ppi and with ClearBlack Display looks more elegant.Both of the phones are protected with Gorilla Glass 3 making both of them sturdy and durable.


Lumia has  2200 mAh 730 while  Moto G has 2070 mAh battery.Also Moto G has a non removable battery while Lumia has removable. The screen size is also a concern for Moto G.Although both the phones posses good battery backup,Lumia has higher battery backup than Moto G.


Although Moto G has higher Megapixel Primary Camera than Lumia,but Lumia has Carl Zeiss Optics which creates a better image quality.Moto G has HDR which is also a factor for good imaging.So in primary camera,both the phones have a good camera and image output.However Lumia 730 records 1080p videos but Moto G records 720p which makes Lumia the Winner.Coming to Secondary Camera,Lumia beats Moto G with its 5 MP and 1080p imaging.


Nokia Lumia 730 has better and more features than Moto G.The features like NFC and ClearBlack Display makes it an appropriate choice.But in Sound output,Moto G is better.Lumia 730 has Microsoft Cortana as personal voice assistant while Moto G has Google Now.


Why Lumia 730 over Moto G:

  • Better Battery backup
  • Elegant display
  • Better Camera
  • More Features

Why Moto G over Lumia 730:

  • Cheaper
  • Bigger Screen
  • Better Sound output

Though Lumia is more costly than Moto G,the features and specs makes the phone price at 15K.For people who want to switch from Android to Windows,Lumia 730 is a good choice.For buyers who want to buy Android ,Micromax Canvas Nitro is a far better choice than Moto G(2nd Gen).

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8 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 730 vs Moto G (2nd Gen.):The Mid-Range Clash!!”

  1. Windows phone can never ever win vs android phones.
    It’s a pointless comparison. Well that’s what i feel.
    No doubt that interface of windows phone is much better when compared to android /iso. But it seriously failed to grab general public attention. :/

  2. Deependra, sorry but there are some windows phones that are better than some android devices. Yes, Android is better than Windows. But we are comparing hardware over here. This is not an operating system comparision.

  3. Deependra; wtf man are you mad ? I guess the only reason you like android is cause of free apps , if you haven’t realized more developers are moving to windows first and ya I own windows phone and I even pay for apps and I like it not like android where developers get nothing and try feature always help in android but yes this is about hardware not software so enjoy free apps

  4. Sourav Mohapatra

    Deependra: Why do u think its pointless!! give me one good and appropriate reason!! Mr Tarun Kumar is right as most of the android users buy Android phones because of free apps and games while they knw Apple products are way too high..however Windows Buyers want some change …not the same crappy display of Android!!..Android Kitkat is a good OS i agree..but u said that windows phones doesnt have a chance…Why?? Tell me!!

  5. Sourav Mohapatra You and Mr Tarun Kumar are wrong that android buyers buy for free apps that is completely pointless….Android is an OPEN SOURCE OS everything can be decode and coded as a developer wants! There is nothing called free and paid in android everything is in the hands of a exploring developer ..

  6. Sourav Mohapatra

    Actually Ankush i aint questioning Android’s free source!! i am questioning the fact that Deependra said that Windows phones cant win against android..he said its pointless!! i want to knw how he thinks this fact!!

  7. Lumia 730 Windows 8 is batter then Android mobile,Due to Nokia Lumia Windows 8 smart phone never hanged,after using full memory of phone/32 GB,Not speed came down.

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