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Last updated on July 7th, 2014

Welcome to the future. As we sit in front of our laptops and smart phones all day hoping for something interesting to happen, technocrats all over the world are closing the distance between reality and science fiction. Take for example the new edible password pill developed by Motorola, which will turn your living mortal body into a password.

Say goodbye to the days of remembering and writing down your passwords and jeopardizing your web security. This marvelous pill soaks in your gastric juices and sends out 18 bit, EKG like signal from your insides which automatically unlocks your entire password protected electronic gadgets and accounts, as long as the pill is inside you.


Though this pill is still in its early days and is not yet in public circulation, it cleared a major obstacle by getting the much requisite clearance from US Food and Drug Administration. Regina Duggan, the senior vice president Motorola’s special projects team, at an event last year, was quoted as saying the pill “literally transforms the body into a cyborg.” She described the pill as “the first human super power.”

This tech advancement is sure to spell disaster for the hacking community as they can no longer track key-strokes, use phishing sites or take random guesses about our bank accounts and email accounts. Though we can trust our ingenious hackers to find a way out of this awful abyss, it still looks like a long shot. The only way to get a password will be to kidnap a person and force feed him or her the pill.

For now though, we can comfortably recline to our beds, with a smile of conviction that the edible password pill is about to hit markets pretty soon.

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