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Ubisoft has released two new gameplay footages of Assassin’s Creed: Rogue.

The first gameplay demo takes place in the River Valley region. The demo starts with Shay commandeering his ship, The Morrigan. You can also see Haytham Kenway (from AC3) standing next to Shay. The demo shows Shay battling some ships and then going on to land to take over a gang area; these are regions under the control of gangs that are loyal to the Assassin’s and can be taken over by Shay (similar to forts in AC3 and plantations in AC4).

The second demo takes place in the Arctic region. This demo introduces the Arctic environments; ice-bergs, blizzards and a variety of Arctic wild life like Polar Bears, Penguins etc. In this demo, you will also get to see Shay exploring a frozen ship wreck which is one of the many side activities available in the game.
Many new features have been included in the game. Shay’s ship has an upgraded arsenal; Puckle gun (an early form of machine gun) that has free aim and the ability to leave a trail of burning oil are one of the few upgrades that have been made to naval combat since AC4: Black Flag. New combat weapons have also been introduced; air rifle, grenade launcher and a gas mask.

The whisper feature, taken from the multiplayer side, has been included in the single player gameplay; the gamer will hear whispers whenever Shay is in danger, that is, whenever Shay is being targeted by an assassin.

Enemy AI is presumably gonna be tougher since Shay has to fight trained assassins.

Personally, I am disappointed. The HUD looks the same as that of AC4 and the gameplay doesn’t look that different either. Rogue looks like a DLC of AC4 rather than a standalone game. However, the arctic region looks promising and fresh and the chance to play as a templar is intriguing. Maybe playing as a templar will give a fresh perspective to the gameplay? And the AC series has always been about delivering a good story and Shay’s journey sounds promising. I was excited for Rogue but now, I am sceptical. However, I am positive that Rogue has the potential to be fresh, given it’s storyline. Although, gameplay wise it might be a re run of AC4: Black Flag. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

Assassin’s Creed: Rogue comes out on 11th November, 2014 on the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

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  1. Shay was an Assassin before until he joined the Templars … there is a reason why did he betray the creed…


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