MS-DOS OS: The end of Android and Apple era?


Last updated on April 7th, 2015

Tech Giant Microsoft has released today, out of nowhere, the MS-DOS OS for Nokia Lumia phones. The most beloved OS for PC (if you remember Windows 98) has come to the phone arena. Already millions of Lumia users are shifting and upgrading to this new OS. “Black and White never looked so good”, quoted by Tom Messett from Microsoft Lumia Marketing in the launch video.

MS-DOS is all about the basic. If you know about CMD (Command Prompt, found in today’s Windows) this will be too easy for you. To launch any app just type APP.exe and done, the app is opened, just like you type any command in CMD. To be more simple as an example- just type camera.exe and the command will be executed. Yes, there will always be a QWERTY keyboard popped up for your help. The main apps are located in C:\PROGRAMS\PHONE. You can access that by typing these commands: cd programs, cd phone, dir .


The OS is free to download and install. You can find the OS here:

JUST KIDDING! You have been fooled! Just check today’s date!

You can still download the app. No kidding!

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