Microsoft’s Arrow launcher going to get a Material design update??

Hello readers, if you are not aware about Microsoft’s Arrow launcher then you should go through the first impressions on Arrow launcher, and the next being a feature introduced in Arrow launcher Beta 2.

Now, Microsoft hints at something interesting. The Arrow launcher for Android which is currently in private beta, may get a material design update soon. Well, this is still a possibility (not 100% sure). But chances are not less than 50%.

However, this is an official possibility, not a rumour being a beta tester. The beta tester community has got a separate website to report bugs and request features. And, if the feature requested seems very crucial to the developer team or if the idea gets a good number of votes then it is processed for review. And, finally after testing/analysing the idea they would implement it on the coming beta versions.

Here’s the screenshot to it:
arrow launcher materialisticAs the idea is under review it has possibilities to get a material design update. After all, Android users love the material design concept which has numerous benefits. But, then there are few Android users who dislike the Material design concept. So, they have to review this makeover (maybe a partial makeover) carefully which could make it awesome to use or alternatively a bad match for the Arrow launcher.

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