Microsoft’s Arrow launcher Beta 4 Update: New logo, Other additions

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Well, Microsoft’s Arrow launcher is constantly developing. The additions are impressive and stable (including minor bugs). The Beta 4 proves to be a cleaner and smoother version cutting off animation transitions cleverly. And, of course with a new logo. If you are here for the first time knowing about Arrow launcher, you should go through the initial impressions on Arrow launcher.

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What’s New?

arrow launcher
Image Credits: Arrow launcher beta user – Renan Oliveira

– Added transparent status bar support.
– Removed Recent App section from the homescreen and added it in the app drawer
– Infinite homescreen scrolling (page loop-around)
– Increased number of recent contacts (on People screen)
– Bug Fixes
– Other UI improvements

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Everything You Need to know

The Beta 4 update comes with a brand new logo and a smoother UI. It was a clever addition indeed. The developer team removed the end-screen transition effects making it lighter and faster to switch between multiple homescreens.

You would have observed two sections i.e (Frequent and Recent) in the default homescreen in the Beta 3. But, it has been merged into one which shows the user only frequent apps used. So, it helps a user in faster access of favorite apps.

Users requested to add transparent nav bar support, and it’s here with beta 4 update. It seems like the Arrow team cares a lot for its user demands. The app drawer is smoother with a “Recent” app section showing the recently used apps. And, it tags the newly installed apps as “New” in the app drawer itself. Prior to the update, the recent apps and frequent apps were displaying incorrect results. So, that has been fixed.

No major bugs discovered so far. But, it’s sure that beta 5 update will be more interesting.

You can get the beta 4 update on APKMirror.

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