Microsoft’s Arrow launcher Beta 3: Several New additions, get it now!

Published On: August 7th, 2015

Hello, readers, if you are here for the first time in search of Arrow launcher, then you should go through the first impressions on Arrow launcher, and then subsequent additions to the Beta 2.

Now, Microsoft team has pushed the Beta 3 update, where it has added a number of needed features. Prior to the Beta 3, it had no support for widgets, which has the main impact on a launcher to be called as a “launcher”. So, now it has fulfilled the basic requirements of an Android user by adding Widgets support. And, for supporting widgets it has added a new homescreen “Widgets” and has moved other screens to the right.

A major bug was fixed, which made the screen go partially white when applying a custom wallpaper. The animation transitions are way smoother. And, I would say, this is one of the smoothest launchers you can get.┬áThe Beta testers had requested the team to support custom icon packs. But, it has been partially applied to let a user switch between the default icons and Arrow launcher icons. We’ll definitely see a complete custom icon pack support in the next update.

Then comes the app drawer. Now, you can find a tab to switch in between widgets and apps in the app drawer itself.

You can get the APK file from APK Mirror.

Here’s how the Microsoft’s Arrow launcher Beta 3 works:

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