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In our recent article regarding the release of Windows 10 ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4 devices, we mentioned that Microsoft was planning to release the upcoming Windows 10 in the month of July. Just recently, the company confirmed that the OS will be out in the market exactly by August 31.

Readers, don’t get confused as Microsoft plans to launch the RTM version of Windows 10 during the month of July, while the OEM version will be out by August 31. The RTM versions of Windows 10 will be more costly as compared to the OEM one’s.

The OEM version will have two different editions, namely Windows 10 Home having a price tag of $110 and the Professional package being priced at $150, according to the online retail website NewEgg. To gather more knowledge related to the actual difference between RTM and OEM version of Windows 10 please click here.

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