Microsoft Surface Book: What’s The Hype?

The ideal hardware, Surface Book, the real piece of hardware closer to a laptop by Microsoft, has gathered everyone’s attention. We suppose most of you already know about this. Since the release of Microsoft Surface, I was honestly waiting for a perfect device that I would actually use, not a huge tablet with a handstand pretending to be a laptop…rather something which gives at least a better keyboard and comfort ability to use it in any posture.


All the Surface predecessors were not able to stand as a prominent contender in the market but those things have changed. With the entrance of Microsoft Surface Book, MSFT can actually compete with APPL, or we might say Surface Book v/s Mac Book Pro precisely. This time Microsoft has something magnificent, brilliantly crafted and something which needs to be pre ordered. So, let’s talk stats now.


Ever since the launch of Surface, the common defect all the predecessors had, was a low resolution display resulting in a poor viewing XP. This time it’s a 13.5”, 3000×2000 resolution display of maintaining the aspect ratio of 3:2 which is kinda odd but still maintains an impressible 267 pixels per inch. The display can be opened on the operation of a finger alone. Thanks to the cavity, it happens to borrow from Apple (no offence).

Surface Book


Supporting up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of Solid State Drive and all stuffed in a clamshell notebook – weighing three and a half pound including the keyboard (The screen itself is weighs more than one and a half pound), the Surface Book in itself is an engineering challenge. And this job has been nicely done by Microsoft. Frankly speaking, there is so much you can find in this device which is even further lighter than the Surface 3. Battery life is decent, as the max time recorded by Microsoft is around 12 hours. If it’s true, hail Microsoft! As per the GPU is considered, the model Microsoft choose to armour its Surface Book isn’t mentioned on official website, but the test results seems to be close to Nvidia GeForce 940M, which seems to be pretty decent for gaming.


The ports this device owns are 2x full-size USB 3.0, full-size SD card reader, Surface Connect, headset jack, mini-display port but still, we were expecting USB 3.1 to show up as per the latest tech update in connectivity ports.



We would like to show reverence to the holy keyboard. Awesome, the backlit keyboard is not too sticky, nor too resistive. The charm of the ergonomically designed keyboard cannot be resisted.



Enough, that’s too much addiction to a keyboard, moving to the center of attraction, the keyboard attachment substitute for Surface Book- No more crappy magnets, although the idea of a detachable screen is simple but the way this concept is executed is marvelous!!!


You have to slide the display right in to the weird still cool hinge Microsoft is showing off. To remove the screen, click the second button on the first row from right. It detaches the screen converting the Surface Book into a tablet. Huh, the screen will not fall off your workspace anymore. Well, since we are in the tablet mode now, let me elaborate some facts that are bit closer to traditional tablets. Having a 5MP camera on its face and a rear scope of 8MP plus autofocus and 1080p picture quality, this thing is kinda decent in tablet mode keeping in mind the sensors that are embedded in it like the Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer, are retrofitted perfectly.



At times, it seems a great deal, and it might be the same reason why Surface Book got out of stock so quickly. The so called Surface Book’s one-of-a-kind hinge folds and detaches to transform from laptop, to clipboard mode, and then into a creative canvas, but this creative canvas creates a vulnerability in the durability of the beautifully designed piece of hardware. You might think twice before dropping something in the backpack while your Surface Book still inside. Who knows, what might get stuck inside that cool shiny hinge and you might not like cracks on such a costly device.


I have a very wicked habit of having my coffee placed over my HP while enjoying the anime DeathNote,  even though I won’t be practicing that on a 2000$ piece of hardware, but those who are more committed to their sitcoms, it’s not probably the best place to do so. Coming to the conclusion, Surface Book is the best device you could ever think of, it has enough firepower and it’s slim and sexy. Silver magnesium body adds stars to its glory and also, it can be a fantastic tablet while you enjoy your daily marathon of sitcoms.

At last, I would like to say only one thing, PREORDER.


So, stay connected for more updates. Meanwhile tell us how Surface Pen can be use full in your daily course of work; and if nothing strikes, you can always show off. Do watch this funny video given below.

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