Microsoft launches Skype Qik: An Instant Video Messenger App

There was this one app that just came into the market and it’s popularity increased rapidly within a short span of time. It’s simple design and registration process and fast messaging service have made this a dominant messaging app in the smartphone market with more than 500 million users today. Friends, it’s obvious that we were just now talking about WhatsApp. The app that created a revolution in smartphone messaging.

But there is another app in the making that can create another history in the smartphone market. Microsoft just recently revealed an instant video messaging app called Skype Qik. Microsoft has specifically focused on making this app as simple as possible in order to make it responsive and deliver a lightning speed messaging service to the users. The UI is pretty basic and has the same registration process like WhatsApp. Just download the app, enter your mobile number and Skype Qik is at your service.


This app is all about video notes…just plain video…no text, no audio. The app has been designed in such a way that you will almost feel like it’s a text messaging app when you will be sending video messages to your friend or any group. If your friend doesn’t have the app then that’s not an issue as the app will send a message to your friend via SMS that will consist of a brief manual of setting it up.


Either use front-cam or rear, you just send your message directly and your friend receives it within seconds of delivery. In other words, the load and preview time is negligible. Just imagine how well optimized this app is! However, there is a limit of 42 seconds in recording a video. You can even delete your messages, if you don’t want your recipients to see them. That really sounds cool! It definitely offers an advantage when by mistake you send something embarrassing to your friends.


This app has really got some potential to be a dominant player in the market, mainly due to its simplicity, quality and convenience. Skype Qik is available for Android, iOS and Windows phone users. You can download the Android version from here.

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You can watch the video to get some useful instructions regarding its usage:

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