Microsoft launches hand-written keyboard for Android Wear

Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

What’s the most convenient way of inputting text into your Android Wear Smartwatch? Using touch and type keyboards? Voice commands? Hand-written keyboard? The wearable devices like smartwatch do not have a large enough screen to produce a keyboard. Moreover, it’s difficult to imagine if these keyboards can support languages other than English. So, if we are talking about voice-commands, then you may say that it is a better way to input text but can you imagine shouting words always to your wearable device, to write a message or search for anything? How about hand-written keyboards? Well, they can be used in situations where you don’t need voice commands. But have you heard of any such kind of keyboard? No?

For those who are using Android Wear devices, they should be happy to know that Microsoft just recently revealed a hand-written keyboard for them. In order to input text on your screen, the keyboard provides you a 320×320 resolution square-shaped box. You will be able to draw special characters, symbols, numbers and letters on that provided space. To access the prototype version, you can click here

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If you want to know how to use this keyboard, watch this video below:-

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