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Have you seen Iron Man? Have you seen how Tony Stark interacts with Jarvis? Have you seen how he plays with his machines incorporated in his 3D-Environment? Have you ever imagined doing those things in reality? Now, it’s all possible with Microsoft HoloLens.

Now you can interact with 3D objects like Tony Stark does in Iron Man
Now you can interact with 3D objects like Tony Stark does in Iron Man

You must have anticipated for the day when you could blend in and manipulate the 3D environment just like you saw in sc-fi movies. For your surprise, that day has finally arrived, all thanks to the Holo Lens by Microsoft. With this marvelous technology you can interact with holograms and manipulate them to your own advantage. In other words, with the help of some kind of futuristic goggles, you will be immersed in a world made up of high-definition holograms that seamlessly integrate with the physical world. Not getting any idea? Refer the image below to know exactly what we are talking about.

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Got some ideas? So, now you know exactly the level of innovation and creativity involved in this technology. Microsoft is very serious about Windows 10 and wants to make it such a big name that it becomes  completely revolutionary that defines a new era of operating systems. Yes, Windows 10….you heard right. The HoloLens will be incorporated to Windows 10. So, you will be running an OS with just a pair of lens! This is definitely next-gen computing…you know like your desktop screen hovering in air in the form of a hologram…apps, documents, movies, everything that you could see and interact with in the form of 3D holograms…..that’s obviously futuristic! And that’s not all… can’t even imagine what this technology can do…how it makes your life digital.

What do you see from the above image? That guy is busy in building his world using HoloLens but did you mark one thing? Isn’t it unbelievable to find that house (the one the person is staring at) in a stable position on that table? What we have over here is a 3D object standing on a physical object which indicates to us that this technology can seamlessly integrate these holograms into the physical world. You should know that not everyone can see these holograms as those will be visible only to the one using the HoloLens.

Do you like painting and crafting? HoloLens brings you an entirely unique and a new of doing such kind of things with its paint tool. Paint, craft, create, design @3D easily with this technology and also print it….Yes! You again heard right…directly 3D print your hand crafted 3D objects using HoloLens.

We know about similar technologies like Oculus VR and Project Morpheus. But there is a major difference between HoloLens and those projects. Oculus VR takes you into a 3D environment, let’s say inside another world and makes you feel like you are actually there. You are not even aware about what’s happening in your surroundings because your eyes are busy analyzing a virtual world. But with HoloLens, you integrate your 3D environment into your physical world which is not possible in Oculus VR because that’s a virtual reality set not an augmented reality one. And when we are talking about augmented reality, we also have Google Glass in the competition but again does that allow you to interact with your 3D Environment? Does it? The answer is no…as you only get to see them not interact with them…you can’t touch them…but HoloLens provides you with that technology. So, let’s gear up for next level of computing with Windows 10 powered by HoloLens!

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Check out this cool video to know how HoloLens works [P.S.-This video also shows you how HoloLens is being used by scientists in their Mars Rover Project]


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