Is Microsoft dominating the mid-range smartphone league? Now-a-days, this is concerning all the mid-range smartphone manufacturers. Lumia smartphones are still the “freshmen” in the market, but still they have a good grip over mid-range market. Lumia devices are packed with numerous expensive specifications which is absent in most of the mid-ranged Android phones. So, here is a comparison between two smartphones which are top-of-the-line in the mid-range league by their respective platforms, Lumia 640 vs Moto G 2nd Gen

Why Lumia 640 and Moto G 2nd Gen?

Lumia 640: As this phone packs the latest specifications which makes it popular and that is why it’s trending in mid-range Windows Phone league, costing around 13,000 INR.

Moto G 2nd Gen: This phone is most stable and one of the cheapest phone having all the necessary features with quality performance offering Android 5.0 Lollipop update, having 13,000 INR price tag.



  • Lumia 640 has got matte (non-glossy) touchscreen: Lumia gets 1 point.
  • Moto G 2nd Gen has a slight brighter display: Moto G 2nd gen gets 1 point.
  • Lumia 640 has got super sensitive touch: Lumia 640 gets 1 point.
  • Moto has got the beautiful Lollipop UI: Moto G 2nd Gen gets 1 point.
  • Lumia has got the Lumia Denim, which is more stable than Lollipop as Moto G freezes several times:  Lumia 640 gets 1 point.
  • Viewing angle of Lumia 640 is crisp at almost all angle: Lumia 640 gets 1 point.
  • Lumia has got more expandable storage capacity: Lumia 640 gets 1 point.
  • Camera of Lumia is far better than Moto, thanks to Zeiss optics: Lumia 640 gets 1 point.
  • Moto has got 2 MP secondary camera: Moto G 2nd Gen gets 1 point.
  • Lumia has got 1080p video recording @ 30 fps (frames-per-second): Lumia 640 gets 1 point.
  • Battery of Lumia 640 is removable offering more amperes to be stored: Lumia 640 gets 1 point.


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