Can Micromax step into the world market with it’s poor quality customer service?

Hello readers, in this article we will talk about an emerging Indian mobile manufacturer, “Micromax”. As we know, it was an underdog manufacturer few years ago but slowly it attracted customers by providing better specifications at a low or budget price tag.

So, what’s the scenario now? It’s the No.1 smartphone manufacturer in India competing with Samsung quarterly for 1st and 2nd positions respectively. That’s a huge achievement! And, people do appreciate about it, making its home country proud.

And, recently after great efforts by the company, Micromax is the 10th largest mobile manufacturer in the world. Hard work really pays off! That’s true. But, here’s a twist. Micromax seems to be more worried about the sales than the after sales support. But, what really matters? The sales statistics is definitely beneficial for the company to earn big bucks, but after sales support earns the real trust of the customers.

Here, we are going to discuss about Micromax’s poor after sales support taking the social platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as the source of complaints regarding the after sales support.

We went around browsing Micromax after sales support problems. And, those where huge! Maybe countless majorly from its home country, India! Let’s take a peek at Micromax’s worst recent customer feedbacks for after sales support.

The image uploaded below was belongs to a user who contacted us to make a special article based on the customer service quality of Micromax, and thanks to him we got an opportunity to evaluate the customer service provided by the company in this article.
micromax complaints feature

So, What we observed…. 

Note*: These points are solely according to public opinions and views. These points are only about the product support, not about the products. If you have any problems with the content, contact us at [email protected]

# Before proceeding, I want to mention that I’m a Micromax user too. So, obviously I am not an anti-Micromax guy and hence this article is an unbiased view of Micromax’s customer support. What we saw in these above complaints is somewhat of similar pattern relating to a common problem. We observed that, the response time for the support is “poor”. The agents (not all) appointed should commit a fixed deadline that works. India is its home country and Micromax, being “the 10th largest mobile manufacturer” is not investing sufficient money to equip its service centre with proper resources to eliminate the need to send a device to another city for resolving the issue.  I would personally say, ” Why make service centers where issues will be actually taken care of by sending the devices out to the Metro cities? You could name it a courier service centre!” (excluding some exceptional issues).

In the recent flagship launch of Micromax Canvas Sliver 5, the company announced that it would start a service which would offer doorstep pickup service rather than going out to service centers. And, also it would guarantee a 30 days return. But, I barely hope that will happen, because in most of the cases above, the customers were not returned their device for over a month.

# Another thing which should be taken into account, if a device has such problems which takes over 1 month or two to repair. Why not replace the device, without wasting the customer’s precious time? The replacement will barely take 5-6 days to ship right to customer’s doorstep. Micromax obviously knows how the smartphones are useful and nowadays its being used for business purposes and other useful works. So, that obviously shows Micromax’s irresponsibility to the customers.

# The customer service has probably the same message template to reply a customer’s report. If you scroll up and take a look at the last report, then you would find that the customer looks real beat down. And he’s never ever going to buy a Micromax mobile. That’s for sure! So, at the same time, Micromax is losing the trust of the customers.

And, we encountered a ridiculous reply from Micromax’s Facebook page, and that was a message- “Hi <customers name>, sorry to hear about your experience. Please write to us at [email protected] along with your contact details”. Do you expect a customer to reply, when his/her device hasn’t been returned from over a month or even more? What on earth will they do?

There can be a series of smartphones launched within a quarter but sadly one device doesn’t get repaired evne after months of waiting. Now, as you have gone through the poor things we observed, still Micromax gets a huge amount of sales.

micromax sales

And, why is that so? Because people love it and especially the citizens of India support it being an Indian company. But, what do they get in return? 2 months of waiting? Irresponsible customer agent? Replacement taking months? Lack of proper resources at service centres(not all)?

In my opinion, Micromax should take a break and concentrate more on its after sales support. It’s about keeping the customers happy, not just attracting new customers. To be honest, if 5-6 complaints similar to the above existed in total, then it would not have been a big deal. But, there are hundreds and thousands of unsatisfied customers. Well, my device has not ran into any major problem. But, I hope that I don’t encounter this dreadful customer experience ever.

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