Hello, readers this is an interesting yet a short buzz about Micromax, which has not yet been covered by other media publishing sites. Well, this time someone has hacked into Micromax website and changed the homepage SEO (Search Engine Optimization) title to ” HACKED!!! This is to inform bug in your website “.

micromax hacked
Google Search Result

White hat Hackers search for vulnerabilities on a website. And, when they find a vulnerability which allows them to take control of a website or access their database, then they report it to the website through any means without harming the site. Like, they could have put a notice on the right side of Micromaxinfo website to inform the website administrator to take care of the bug. The complete information about the usually only accessible to the administrator to fix it quickly. Generally, bugs of these categories of site are not disclosed publicly.


However, there is no official word about it from Micromax mobile. The Google search result takes a bit time to refresh the updated titles. So, if it is a cached version then it was possibly hacked a week ago otherwise it’s a recent event.

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