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Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

According to Counterpoint Research’s Q3 2013 Market Monitor Report it has been declared that Micromax is the 10th largest handset supplier globally.
Micromax started as an IT Software company which people rarely knew . It worked on different platform to finally become as a phone manufacturer or later known now as a Smartphone manufacturer.

How it started ? ? More about Micromax !

You must be knowing about the history about the Micromax if you have gone through the Wiki Source .
We are sharing it over here to let you know about it’s past and how it started :

Micromax was incorporated as Micromax Informatics Ltd. on 29 March 2000.They started manufacturing mobile phones in 2008 with a focus on low pricing, in order to compete with international brands.

Everything started with a truck battery in the year 2007. In the powerless city of Baharampur in the Indian State of West Bengal, Mr. Rahul Sharma saw an Airtel Pay Phone being powered by a truck battery. Every night, the PCO owner would lug the battery 12 km to an adjoining village on his cycle, charge it there overnight, and lug it back to Berhampur in the morning. Rahul was fascinated by the nature of innovative adaptation to suit the difficult conditions which the payphone operator had employed and his interest only grew when he found out that to everyone’s surprise, the operator was also able to earn a tidy sum of money. Based on this experience of innovation arising from constraint, Micromax soon launched its first phone with a month long battery back-up known as X1.


Now you would have recalled the times when Micromax became popular. Everyone was discussing that there is a new phone in the market whose battery lasts as a CDMA phone , that’s where Micromax gained a bit of limelight when companies like Samsung , Apple & Nokia were at Global level .

What is Micromax now ? ?

Micromax can now be said as a good Smartphone manufacturer , because it is improving it’s technology , quality , build etc which would help the phone last longer .

Well , Micromax has achieved a huge milestone by crossing over Samsung sales in India and showed who is the Top Dog in it’s Home Country .
Now Micromax has been accepted as a partial Global company , because it is available only in India Bangladesh Sri lanka,  Nepal , Russia.



Still it has a long way to go globally  because it is not available in all the countries but it is available in almost all countries in Europe. 


Micromax can very well compete with the Global leaders because it has a concept which worked in already one country where it defeated the Global leader Samsung’s sale. Or one can say that Micromax is evolving as a next Gen Global smartphone manufacturer . It always aims for the cheapest price with the bestest quality it can offer in that range . So there is no doubt that the  strategy is working well with the modern people .

Micromax can definitely compete with Global leaders ! Here is how ? ?

The latest smartphones which are launched by Micromax are giving a tough competition to the global leaders like Motorola & Samsung.
Here you can view a comparision of Moto E  and Micromax Canvas A1 , which proves that Micromax has the capacity to compete very well and may be someday become the largest phone manufacturer in Europe or in the World(Long story but nothing is impossible).

Now most of the Indians support Micromax because it is an Indian smartphone manufacturer and it has made them proud ! A great applaud for micromax !

Do tell us what you feel about Micromax now and what were you feeling before ? ?

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