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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

In this article you are going to find about the details of Miband and a hot deal by which you easily grab the product. Xiaomi as we know is popular because of its extremely budget friendly products. The Mi smartphone series made the people go wild to buy it from the online stores especially. Registrations were made open to buy the product whenever it would be available and the stock which came by for the buyers was sold in a few seconds.

Now let us know what the Miband offers. It can specifically be called as a lifestyle electronic bracelet. Well, many iOS users are asking up about the compatibility of Miband with iPhones but till now Miband only supports smartphones powered by Android 4.4. It is mostly recommended with the Xiaomi smartphones which unlocks important features. And the so-rumored Miband app for iOS will come soon.


Crafted For Health Activity

It intelligently measures the distance you walked, the calories you burned. It records the daily motion data. You can set goals for the desired distance you want to work out or even how much particular steps you want to walk.

Going Shopping?

Do you have a regular craze of shopping? Let it contain unnecessary items or useful items. You can keep track of your physical activity standards while shopping. Count on the number of steps you have walked, and also the distance you cover while shopping.

Turn Off the Lights to Sleep


You can wear the Miband while sleeping. It not only measures your sleep time when you go to bed. It measures it from the exact time when you are unaware that you are asleep. It has an automatic sleep monitoring system which records the amount of time you sleep well.
Do you have any important work in the morning? Don’t worry, Miband has got a smart wake feature which makes the bracelet vibrate so that you wake up in the desired time which should be manually set in the options.

The Miband is IP67 certified which makes it water proof and dust resistant.

Acts like a Security Tag

You must have seen in “The Transporter” movie series, that the client kept track of the transporter through the tracking bracelet. The Miband doesn’t have a GPS system. But it acts as an identity bracelet or you may even call it a security tag. When you are within a radius of 1.5 meter of your Android device then the phone gets automatically unlocked after you light up the screen manually. This feature will work after you set the options present in the app. This feature is applicable on Mi phones.

How would you know when you get a call while your phone is on silent mode ? Well, you can easily answer the call if you are conscious enough to see your phone’s screen. But for the scenario when you are unaware of the call, Miband notifies you by vibrating itself which gets your attention.

A Word about Battery
mi band
With great power, comes great responsibility. Well, it is mighty if we look at other products at the price tag. It gives a standby of 30 days, which barely any other bracelets out there can give. This is possible due to the use of the lowest power consuming Bluetooth chip embedded in it along with acceleration sensors. The cell is 8mm narrow. And Xiaomi claims that the Miband has Military grade motion sensors in it.

Price & Availability

Are you planning to buy one of these ? We can make sure that you get this for your comfort and usability. The product is available at Gearbest, where you can find an amazing discount offer and get it for just $14.99.

Promo code : XMMB . You can use this code to get 55% discount on the product if the current offer is not available.


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