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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Who is Assmix? You must be surprised to hear it. Well, actually it’s the codename of Adam Harris Norman who is a popular pro-gamer from Malaysia. Adam, the Captain of Orange eSports, heads one among the top gaming teams in South East Asia. His team has debuted in many international events and bagged numerous awards and achievements. Tech Legends recently had an interesting conversation with him. Here is some of it:

Adam a.k.a Assmix

What’s the role assigned to you in your team?
I am the team Captain and an Assault rifle player. My role in the team is giving out strategies for the players in an ongoing match..[Chuckles]

History of Orange eSports?
[Puffs]…We have been playing Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (COD 4) since 2007. Our team entered the pro-gaming scene in the year 2008. All the members of Orange were from different teams. We got to know each other through LAN tournaments which were held locally in Malaysia. The year 2009 was when we started to make a solid team which was known as GRZ (Grizzly) and continued our dreams of becoming international COD 4 players. We made our first international debut when we went to India to play against the best teams over there in an event called ‘Nvidia GeForce Lan’ at Mumbai. We finished in first place which boosted up our confidence. It was a tough challenge but we had an indelible experience.

Team Orange at Nvidia GeForce Lan @Mumbai

What contributions have you made for your team?
[Gasps]…I guess it’s mostly time. You see that some people say gaming is a waste of time and nothing can be really achieved in the gaming scene, but to me, gaming is my life. There are a lot of things we can learn as a gamer. For example, to be a good player you will have to learn to control your anger and emotional state of mind, perfect teamwork as well as a good attitude. These are the things that most teams are not having now-a-days. Speaking of contributions, I guess I donated a lot of time to eSports.

How would you describe the gaming atmosphere in your country?
The scene was interesting from 2008 till 2010. After that period, the COD 4 Scene in Malaysia started to slow down and finally declined … [Chuckles]. As of now, very few event sponsors exist and pro-gaming in our country is not considered as a form of sport anymore.

Team Orange at Malaysian COD4 Open Tournament
Team Orange at Malaysian COD4 Open Tournament

You have been to India twice to attend some events. What was your reaction about Indian pro-gaming?
Hats off to the Indian gaming community. A lot of my gaming friends are there, especially from teams like FT5, EvoX Gaming and more. I made good friends in the process. Indian gaming scene has a lot more to learn. So many teams from India need to realize the true meaning of sportsmanship.
IGC (Indian Gaming Carnival) was the reason behind my second visit to India. It was okay but unfortunately the organizers ran away… [Laughs].Actually, India has a tremendous potential to rise and become one of the top eSports countries. It’s just that the players involved need to learn a lot more… [Giggles]

Does repeated practice alone enhances the skills of a pro-gamer?
[Puffs]…To me, if you want to succeed in pro-gaming you will always need a team. Time spent with the team, the chemistry with team members and co-ordination with them are the important factors to be considered if you are desperate to become a pro. I’m blessed to have a good team.

Do you enjoy your life as a pro-gamer?
Yes, I do. It has been a hell of a ride. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has taken part in my journey of being an eSports player.
Do you have any other profession rather than pro-gaming?
At present, I am doing my degree in Psychology… [Chuckles]

Can you mention some of your favorite games?
[A rare pause]…I play mostly FPS games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive are also in my list. And yes I forgot to mention ‘MINECRAFT’!!! [Chuckles]

Your hobbies….
[Chuckles]…Well besides gaming I do a lot of outdoor sports such as soccer, badminton, swimming, rugby, etc…

If you had a chance to visit your dreamland, where would that be?
[A rare pause]…I would rather not say dreamland. But if there was a chance for me then I would go back to India and playing there would be my pleasure.

Can you mention some good Malaysian delicacies?
You should try Nasi Lemak (Fat Rice) and Chicken rice. They are very popular here.

Nasi Lemak is very popular in Malaysia
Nasi Lemak is very popular in Malaysia

What plans do you have for the rest of your life?
All I want is just a simple life. I would rather like to keep it normal and free from fantasies. In simple words, I want to have fun and relax.

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