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The Taiwan-based chipmaker, which dominates the market share by powering most of the budget-friendly devices, now making its way to expand its business in the US.

As we know that Qualcomm, is a US-based company which is the biggest rival for MediaTek. Now there’s a little room for MediaTek to establish trust for the smartphone buyers in the US. And as the magic prevails, if MediaTek becomes successful in making partnerships with the giant smartphone manufacturers then it may be a bad news for the Qualcomm’s leading market shares in the US.

As we know the current leading smartphone manufacturer’s in the US are Samsung and Apple. Apple on one side manufactures expensive smartphones, like the $650 price tag on the iPhone 6 ( Powered by Qualcomm ). And on the other side, Samsung deals with Qualcomm to power up it’s flagship smartphones.

mediatek vs qualcomm

Now, MediaTek entering the scene may drive the buyers to opt for cheaper options. Well, that’s a good sign for some and bad for the others.

Mediatek, in any case, has little presentation or name distinguishment in the US. In this way, its picked up accreditation from just T-Mobile and caught outline wins for simply a modest bunch of lesser-known US phones, including the Alcatel Onetouch Fierce, Evolve and Evolve 2.

“The US is an open door for them, however its unquestionably going to be a test to uproot Qualcomm there,” Gartner research chief Jon Erensen said, including that Mediatek could discover an opening as cell phone creators search for choices to Qualcomm.

Still, its advance has supposedly drawn the enthusiasm of Intel, which is reputed to be considering the buy of Mediatek – a traded on an open market organization esteemed at about $28 billion – to reinforce its own battling portable endeavors.

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