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Last updated on August 18th, 2017


Dear PC Game Publishers,

When Wolfenstein: The New Order was released for PC, physical copy owners were shocked to see a requirement of an update patch on day 1 sized at a whopping 10 GB on Steam just after the disc contents were extracted while installation, without which the game would not run. This was big a disappointment for so many gamers who use the internet with bandwidth caps or have lower download speeds.

Yet again, Sniper Elite III for PC continues to uphold this tradition requiring a 6 GB update.

If the games can’t run without these massive updates on day 1 after buying, why aren’t they included in the physical discs? What is the point of owning a physical copy if massive downloads become compulsory?

Hope these cease to continue as it really isn’t worth it.

Best Regards,

A Passionate PC Gamer.


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