The Rise Of LXG With Kiran Noojibail [Shadeslayer] : A Gaming Talk

Last updated on August 6th, 2018

Established as a gaming lounge in Bangalore back in 2013, League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG) as of now, is a successful enterprise that has revolutionized the concept of gaming cafe business in India. From premium gaming experience to career-opportunities for casters and eSports players, the venture has significantly contributed to the growth of the Indian gaming community.

Kiran Shadeslayer Noojibail [LXG]
Outside view of LXG Bangalore
LXG has hosted a lot of game launch events and massive eSports tourneys to put India in the international map. It was not until recently, that the entity caught the eye of PSG eSports from France. Luckily, we got the chance to have an interesting gaming conversation with Kiran Shadeslayer Noojibail (Director, eSports & Broadcasting, LXG).

Kiran is considered as one of the best casters in India and happens to be a key gaming influencer. Let’s get to know more about LXG from Shadeslayer’s perspective.

So, how did LXG gain the attention of PSG eSports?

Asian Football Gaming Championship (AFGC) is an IP of the professional FIFA Player Santanu Basu who plays FIFA professionally for the renowned international organization Tempo Storm.

Kiran Noojibail
PSG eSports promotional at LXG

AFGC is a Pan-Asia tournament with players battling it out to be the best in Asia and in order to ensure that it reaches its full potential, LXG has been joining hands with AFGC every year for this venture and this year acquired minority stakes in the same. Santanu, an inspiration to many aspiring gamers, caught the eye of PSG who also decided to be part of the venture this year.

PSG eSports & Kiran Noojibail
First National Qualifier of PSG E-CUP at LXG Bangalore

What other services does LXG provide apart from high-end gaming?

LXG provides end to end gaming solutions. From gaming services at our existing lounges, new franchises, esports tournaments, launch events, esports broadcasting, casual streaming, gaming tech unboxings and reviews, to web development, e-commerce and game merchandising, we offer comprehensive gaming solutions under one roof.

| "We believe in quality from a gamer's perspective" - Kiran

A glimpse of LXG Gaming Lounge at Bangalore [Source: LXG India]
What’s the success mantra/formula of LXG?

We at LXG believe in quality from a gamers perspective over anything else. Every activity is given the utmost care to ensure the end product is of the high standards that LXG is known for in the industry.

Kiran Noojibail
A snap of Kiran Shadeslayer Noojibail; Kiran gave up his IT career to pursue his dreams at LXG starting

What quick-bite/fast-food would you recommend someone while gaming?


Kiran Noojibail
Shadeslayer recommends sandwiches to gamers as a quick-bite option [Source: Cuisine Actuelle]
| "PUBG is definitely in our hotlist" - Kiran

Can you tell us about any gaming influencer born from your enterprise?

Rishabh Tomar (Formless) initially walked through our doors as an enthusiastic gamer three years ago. He has come a long way since having mastered Dota 2, Overwatch, PUBG and now is a professional CSGO player for Team Optic India.

Rishabh Tomar aka Formless, an eSports player born from LXG [Source: Optic India Twitter Page]
Next potential eSports game in the LXG’s hotlist?

Definitely PUBG. Both the PC and Mobile versions have gained a huge player base in India and we are excited to have events around the game.

Kiran Noojibail

What career opportunities can LXG provide for passionate gamers?

Since we provide end to end gaming solutions as mentioned earlier, there is a wide spectrum of profiles that are required. Cafe Admins, tournament admins, shoutcasters, online production personnel, social media managers, marketing managers, web developers, designers, video editors are some of the profiles which gamers can take up here at LXG.

| "I absolutely love the God of War series" - Kiran

LXG India
A glance of the VIP Zone at LXG Chennai [Source: Chennai eSports]
Do you happen to be a fan of God Of War? If yes, what do you have to say about the Dad & Son memes based on the game?

Yeah, I absolutely love the God of War series. Regarding the Dad and Son memes, I think gamers love memes and I found a couple of them very hilarious.

LXG India
A God Of War based meme [Source Dorkly]
What advice can you give for budding cafe owners?

Proactively look to create many verticals and sources of revenue besides the gaming cafe. Revenue from the gaming cafe alone won’t be enough to sustain and grow the business actively by creating a supply and demand ecosystem for gamers and brands, like events, tournaments, promotions, sales etc.

LXG India
Shadeslayer hosting the Zowie eXTREMESLAND CS:GO 2016 Indian Qualifiers at LXG

If given a chance to live in the open-world of a game, which one would that be?


Kiran Noojibail (LXG)

One of our last interviewees happens to be Shariyari Aorin. What do you think about her Kratos crossplay? What do you have to say about her contribution to the gaming community in India?

I attended the Supernova Grand finale event and got to witness Aorin’s Kratos cosplay in person. I think it was very well done just as all of her other works. I think she has contributed a lot towards not only getting cosplay recognized in our country but in putting Indian cosplay on the international map.

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