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Android phones are in great demand as compared to Windows phones, mainly due to the price factor, but now it seems Microsoft doesn’t want to back down. So, it launched the Lumia 530 having great specs. But we have to compare these two latest smartphones to know which one offers the best in the same price range.

Let me give a vivid comparison between these two smartphones by pointing out every feature which every user wants.

Let us start the comparison :


Price is the main factor to suite your budget . And these two smartphones lies in the same range with just 100 INR difference which can be neglected.

Both are the winners in this aspect by offering good specifications in a low price range.


The more lighter the more easy to handle the smartphone. Lumia 530 is lighter than Micromax Unite 2 so Lumia takes the lead in this aspect.






Lumia offers a greater ppi density than Unite 2 but Micromax offers a greater display screen.  So, in the display aspect both get equal points. Lumia 530 gets a point in ppi density and Micromax get’s a point in the screen size, as 4.0 inch seems to be very small to experience gaming and watching movies.




Now-a-days every user wants high-end processor to help in great multi-tasking and smooth operation. Micromax Unite 2 has 1300 GHz MediaTek Quad-Core Processor whereas Lumia 530 has 1200 Ghz Qualcomm Quad-Core processor.

So, in this hardware specification comparison Unite 2 offers an extra Processing power but we can neglect it to give both the smartphones equal points. But if you consider the model, then I think Lumia 530 has a better edge.





Micromax Unite 2 offers 1 GB RAM whereas, the Lumia 530 offers only 512 MB RAM . So, Unite 2 takes the lead in this aspect if you compare the specification. But trust me, Lumia 530 will provide you the same performance as that of the Unite 2 due to the difference in the operating systems.




Unite 2
Unite 2

Both the smartphones offer same 5 MP camera and astonishingly both have same quality i.e both give the same output experience.
But Micromax takes the lead by providing an LED flash which will help you take better pictures at night. Not just an LED it also offer’s Autofocus option which you don’t get in Lumia 530.This is enough to give one point to Micromax. Here come’s another twist , there is no front camera support in Lumia 530 by which you cannot experience a video call in this modern world. So, Micromax takes another lead in this aspect.

Lumia 530
Lumia 530

In this major aspect Micromax has already taken 2 points . Last but not the least in the camera aspect , Micromax Canvas Unite 2 offers video recording at 1080p which is awesome in this price range . But Lumia dissapoints by giving video recording at only 480p. So, Micromax takes a huge leap in this aspect by gaining 3 points of benefit.


You obviously want your smartphone to last longer to save your whole day. Micromax Unite 2 offers 2000 mAh Li-ion but Lumia 530 offers only 1430 mAh Li-ion. So Micromax takes the lead again.


Before moving to the Final Verdict we should sum up the whole facts and discuss only what reasons lead you to buy these smartphones.

Why you should Buy ? ?


Micromax Unite 2 –

♦ Larger screen(4.7 inch vs 4.0 inch)

– Internet browsing or watching movies is more pleasing on large screens.

♦ Larger Battery Support

-2000 mAH vs 1430 mAh.Greater the capacity, lesser the need to charge your battery again.

♦ Presence of secondary camera

-2.0 MP vs N/A.Front camera of high resolution results in sharp video-chats & self-photos.

♦  Has flash

– With flash, bright photos/videos are captured even in low-light conditions.`

Lumia 530 –

♦ Much sharper screen

– 198 ppi vs 245 ppi.High pixel density shows sharper text and extremely detailed photos/videos.

♦ Much lighter

– 157.0 grams vs 129.0 grams.Lightweight devices can be held tirelessly for a long time.

Final Verdict :


So , according to what we compared Micromax Unite 2 is the obvious winner because it houses more features than Lumia 530 irrespective of the OS.Even if you are a windows phone fan I would recommend you to buy Micromax Unite 2 because your money should be worth spending.Final choice depends on what factor you choose.

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