Lots of changes coming in for Destiny

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

After the famous ‘loot cave’ was shut down, it was revealed that this was just the beginning of the many changes that will be coming to Destiny. Prior to this, on un-related news, Ubisoft had announced the sequel to Watch Dogs will have radical changes. Changes, changes everywhere!!!

According to IGN, Bungie announced on its official blog that there were a lot of changes that would soon be coming to Destiny, in the coming weeks and months. The changes are a direct result of online player feedback given by players all over the world. Some of the many changes that were listed are increased enemy spawn times to avoid farming, fairer loot awarding, better and more appropriate awards from the cruel Cyptarch, changes to strike missions and their rewards and more. Check out the video below for more details!!!


Looks like Bungie really wants to polish Destiny’s destiny. Inspite of rather underwhelming reviews from various review giants, players all around the world are having a hard time getting off Destiny. With mind blowing environments and amazing gun play mechanics, its one of the most enticing games till date. Although Destiny lacks in the single player section, it makes up for it in the fun multiplayer and co op segments. And the upcoming ‘changes’ are bound to only make it a better game.

Bungie seems to have a long term plan for Destiny. There are gonna be a ton of patches coming in and there is a possibility of voice chat being introduced. It won’t be a surprise if Bungie decides to release a couple more of DLC’s. All in all, there are going to be a lot of changes and dont worry Guardians, we the Ghosts at Tech Legends, will keep you updated.

As always, thanks to IGN for sharing the video.


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